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PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2003 7:35 pm 
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The Dark God and his Dark Priests did it again!

T.o.M.E. 2.2.4 aka "A Bug's Life" is released as source, windows zip and windows installer.

Go grab it while it's hot from:

This is, as all minor version number releases, a bug fix only version, everybody should upgrade asap.

And now the usual change list:

Interface changes:
- Adam Bolt's Tiles are now "New Tiles", as others have worked on them and
stuff. -- fearoffours

Object changes:
- Restore spaces to artifact descriptions -- neil
- Changed descriptions of some junkart activations. -- fearoffours
- Non-functioning artifact instrument activations removed -- neil

Player changes:
- Wood Elves and Hobbits weren't getting the extra might bonuses
they were entitled to -- neil

Misc changes:
- Applied Ken Dubuc's patches to parsers to make them line ending independant
- Savefiles on multiuser systems are now in HOME/.tome/2.2/save, to comply
with the new 3.0.0 naming scheme that is coming.
People upgrading from 2.2.x to 2.2.4 should move their savefiles there
- Setting module to "all" for an automatizer rule makes the rule apply
to all modules -- neil
- Wizard mode is now turned off at birth -- neil
- Help updates: macros and macro recorder, dwarf racial ability, more on
dodging, link to m_mimic.txt from skills.txt, object inventory letter
colouring significance. -- fearoffours
- Helpfiles updated to reflect that corruptions are permanent and there is
no corrupted sub-race. --fearoffours

Dungeon changes:
- "The lava burns you", becomes "you move across the lava" to accomodate
IM_FIRE and flying characters. -- fearoffours

Bug fixes:
- Detect doors and traps displays as costing 3, not 5 now. -- fearoffours
- Maeglin quest reward wording altered (saves confusion for sorcerors).
-- fearoffours
- Typos in One Ring parchment and Necromancy help fixed. -- fearoffours
- Typos in ultra-good ending, lost-sword quest rewards and flag description
fixed. -- fearoffours
- Axemasters now start with a Hatchet -- neil
- Fix "analyze monster" activation -- neil
- Fix library quest breakage of Melkor curses -- neil
- Fix failure rates for abilities in possessed bodies, patch by 'Slappy'
-- neil
- Monsters detected ONLY by telepathy were not removed from visible monsters
list after they had gone out of range. Thanks Slappy for fix. -- fearoffours
- Recharged junkarts would not always give a notification message. Thanks
Slappy for fix. -- fearoffours
- Completion of Necromancer quest could be triggered incorrectly.
-- fearoffours
- Monsters don't appear to disappear for a turn if you polymorph them -- neil
- Flying semi-wraiths shouldn't be hurt by flying over trees -- neil
- Recalling to new lost temples could have crashed the game. -- fearoffours
- God quest directions could be grammatically incorrect. -- fearoffours
- Items containing spells should be browsable again -- neil
- Random artifact mimicry cloaks should now show up correctly -- neil
- Random artifacts that can contain spells will not come with
Globe of Light anymore -- neil
- Certain non-random artifacts that can contain spells will not come with
Globe of Light anymore, either -- neil
- Pack overflow/weapon disappearing bug fixed, with big thanks to Kevin
W. Thomas for telling me where to look -- neil
- Trap of Divine Wrath would benefit you -- neil
- Blood of Life would revive necromancers in undead form -- neil
- Hostile monsters won't get free kills of friendly monsters anymore -- neil
- Eggs work again -- neil
- Wishing for ego rods works -- neil
- Temples now accept blessed boomerangs -- neil
- If you learn anti-magic, you stop following any Valar -- neil
- typo in v_info.txt -- fearoffours
- Old Mage's quest wouldn't always disappear from quest screen when fully
rewarded. -- fearoffours
- No more shafts in certain places -- neil
- Percing shots will not grossly inflate in damage anymore -- neil
- No genocide in home quests -- neil
- Silent Switching can no longer take off permanently cursed items -- neil
- Fix memory error in command handling -- neil
- Hypnotizing and restoring levelled monsters now works correctly -- neil
- permanent_levels marked experimental because it is broken -- neil

Uh ? Still reading ? Go grab it NOW ! :)

[tome] joylove: You can't just release an expansion like one would release a Kraken XD
[tome] phantomfrettchen: your ability not to tease anyone is simply stunning ;)

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