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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:00 am 
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As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta19 ! See

This release is huge. I mean HUGE.
Two new classes, one new race, party system, gfx niceness, you name it, it's in there!
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !

Release highlights:
* Many fixes
* Many UI improvements
* New class: Mindslayer, a psionic class that erects mental shields and dive into battle, swinging a balde with his hands and one with his mind
* New class: Temporal Warden, protect and use the timestream, use both archery and melee attacks, create temporal distortions and even travel back to the past!
* New race: Yeek, a puny looking race, with a big mind. Yeeks are natively powerful psionics, united in a global psionic network. They have their own starting area
* Party system: Sometimes during your adventures you can meet new party members, or start with them, or summon them. It can be used to either fully control them or give them order
* Reworked Alchemist class: Taking fully advantage of the party system the alchemist golem has grown in power and usefulness
* Many graphical improvements, 64x64 mode, new tileset (not by default yet as it is not complete)
* Better AI: bosses and elites now have a much betetr AI that will analyze their current options and needs and act accordingly
* Most sentient creatures are smart enough to use infusions or runes, so now they have them
* New zones to discover: halfling ruins, the island of Rel, the temporal rift
* Changed the economy: shopswont buy your filthy stuff, they are only interrested in gems and artifacts, but buy them at a much higher share
* Rewrote most of the OpenGL code, it should be faster now
* And many more, come and play !

Expanded changelist:?
* Added pockets of air bubbles on the flooded level of the lake of Nur. Beware, they will not last forever
* Renamed the 6th old forest note
* Added an achievement for owning the "house"
* Going up from level 2 to 1 of the lake of Nur works correctly
* Archmage unlocked schools have the correct mastery value
* Cyst Burst & Epidemic only replicate diseases on hostiles
* Tooltip over simple terrain is now of the correct size to show the full name
* Hotkey display now shows the page number
* Can't teleport inside the fortress
* Switched the font used by 16x16 map modes
* Sustained talents that are on cooldown show as such in the use talent dialog
* Fix Nova
* Arcane Eye is now usable in the right click map menu
* The sandworm queen will not always appear in the first room
* Sand tunnels are now correctly strengethed by passing sandworm tunnelers
* Grgglck the Devouring Darkness will now invoke tentacles every few turns, not at random
* Encumberance column on item lists is now showing the total for the stack
* With smooth movements on npcs will not appear to "jump" when they enter visual range and stealth npcs should work correctly
* Sling talents correctly show that they do take a turn to use
* Each reason of death is recorded in the online charsheet
* Glyph of Repulsion has the correct requirements
* Golem starting equipment is identified
* Equipment/Inventory dialog now shows item stats using the classic tooltip
* Made tooltips much faster, moving the mouse over the hotkeys list should not lag anymore
* Tooltips now internaly use tstrings, you can pass a tstring to Tooltip:set()
* Disruption Shield ratio tweaked somewhat, cooldown added
* Displacement Shield absorption hugely increased to be in line with runes
* Time Shield absorption hugely increased to be in line with runes
* Switched position of Time Shield and Time Prison
* Fixed Displacement Shield to not dro prematurely
* Killing your own escort is worth a few points of experience
* Phase Door range starts smaller
* When Phase Door fizzles you get a random blink instead of nothing
* Shuffled Temporal talents around
* Resurrecting now ensure the player has enuogh energy to act first
* Fixed a golemancy bug when no ammo is present
* The Shadow Clone of the player has some less life
* Add a "party" code framework, allowing you to have multiple creatures in a party and assume direct control of one of them (and switch at will)
* Summon Control is now a passive that allows summons to be part of the party, increases dureation and reduces damage taken
* Default keybinds: F1-F8 for quick select of party members; ctrl+tab for popup
* Clicking on the creature "portrait" in the left side pane will transfer control
* Stop resting/running when dead
* Added ActorTalents:getTalentCooldown()
* Party control can be switched by right clicking on the creature on the map too
* Quests are now always done for the main character of the party
* Blinding Speed does not take a turn to activate anymore
* Mark of the Spellblaze now has a way back from level 2
* Pressing the stay command while targetting will return target to the caster
* Sindar ego renamed to Thaloren
* Congeal Time correctly reduces speed
* Talents that do not take a turn to use are not affected by confusion effects
* Bear tiles
* Arcane Combat will project beaming attacks as far as possible without hitting friendlies
* Crypt of Kryl-Feijan quest will not succeed wrongly
* Meditation provides the correct amount of equilibrium
* Changed default binding for hotkey 11 from ) to -
* Flare talent does not use two turns
* Updated tutorial texts
* Kill message is now displayed in bold
* New mouse cursor
* Map:setViewport lost its multidisplay parameter (it was useless). That was the one before the last
* Overhauled the graphic mode selection (settings are reset), you can now select tiles & size independantly. Added a 64x64 mode
* New tileset started by Shockbolt, looks the best in 64x64
* Characters start with a pickaxe in the infinite dungeon
* Water breathing is not permanent now
* Increased bloated horrors minimun level
* Changed the maximun range/sight for players & NPCs from 20 to 10, thus reducing the offscreen rays of deaths, increasing tactical value and allowing for bigger tiles
* Fix Inferno tooltip
* Move Actor:attr(), Actor:addTemporaryValue(), Actor:removeTemporaryValue() and Actor:onTemporaryValueChange() to Entity
* Fixed duplicate uniques
* Talents learned with escorts are correctly set to 0.7 mastery
* Eliminated dead-end doors in the Roomer generator
* Map smooth scrolling
* Summoners now get 1dex/0con and Wyrmics 0dex/1con
* Archmages now also get a portal on the worldmap to Angolwen
* Overhauled all Alchemist golemency talents. Golem is now fully controllable (using the party commands). When the golem levels up it gains stat & talent points that you must spend on it to learn golem specific talents.
* Added luadocs for core.* functions
* Party members that can not be fully controlled may still sometimes be given orders. Selecting them will popup the order dialog
* Escorts are now part of the party, they can be ordered to wait for a (short) while and to indicate the portal direction.
* Right clicking on party memebr on the map will allow to give orders when possible
* Fix objects not recharging (I think)
* Swallow now performs a melee attack (doing nature damage), if it succeeds the swallow check is made, if it was killed by the attack it is swallowed automatically
* Halved Swallow cooldown
* "forest_clearing" room generator will floodfill to ensure are are no 1x1 spots insolated from the map
* Nerfed Blood Fury and Curse of Vulnerability
* Sandworm tunnelers now do not travel in diagonal, and do not always take the shortest route
* Renamed difficulties again: Discovery/Aventure/Roguelike/Insane
* Updated most egos, added many (and many greater ones)
* Prevent a bug when using easy/normal mode resurrects in some corner cases
* Shield Pummel's first attack is now also affected by shield expertise
* Do not de-activate equilibrium talents on levelup
* Changed Feed Shadows to a passive talent that increases attack, damage and gives hate back to the player when a shadow kills.
* Replaced Punishments' Cursed Ground with Infectious Thought (an attack that can spread to other nearby targets)
* Changed Punishments' Agony to ramp up damage over 5 turns (no longer based on proximity to caster).
* Reduced hate cost of Deflection
* Increased duration of a summoned shadow from 100 to 500
* Increased Willful Strike and Blast damage
* Fixed problems with shadows and feed effects not disappearing after leaving the level.
* Main menu will not consume ressources if background anim is disabled
* Randarts are now created by combining egos + random powers
* Physical talents are disabled if no correct weapon is used
* Faerlhing get more mana
* Stealth now takes no turns to use
* Stealth now also teaches a new talent "automatic stealth", as long as it is active the player will auto-enter stealth when conditions are good
* Textzone now correctly cuts text based on font style
* Reduce the level at which runes of shielding start appearing
* Updated Alchemists description to better fit the class
* Bext change ever: bumping walls does not consume turns
* Reduce most creatures (both NPC & players) damage done by about 25% - reducing oneshooting factor which aint quite fun
* Improve the effect of stats on physical/magical/mental saves (and denote them correctly on tooltips)
* Constitution bonus to life reduced a bit but it now also provides global damage reduction%
* Added Combat:combatTalentStatDamage()
* New campaign: The Arena. Fight on the sandy grounds of the arena to prove your worth. Defeat your own previous champions! Unlock available in Derth. (thanks to Hedgeton!)
* Stores will now refuse to buy your filthy items, probably still covered in blood!
* Stores now buy only shiny gems are unique items, but they do so at a much better share.
* Price of gems increased tenfolds
* Increased the price of bill's tree trunk & the staff of kor
* Upped the minimun level for the cryp of kryl-feijan
* Fix FOV to not loop/crash over borders (fixes Quake)
* Adventure mode only gets 7 lifes instead of 11
* core.fov.calc_*() now take the map size(w, h) as third and fourth parameters
* Nicer looking UI
* Gave specific colors to grushnak orcs
* Evasion talent does not require stamina anymore
* Rush cooldown now reduces with talent level
* New tactic AI. It will be used by elites and bosses mostly. It asserts the current situation, determines needs and capabilities and uses them accordingly
* The sentient creatures of Maj'Eyal have created a loby to counter the players. They demand to have access to random runes and infusions. Their demand has been fulfilled!
* Most bosses and elites now use the new tactical AI
* Most bosses now have their share of infusions/runes (depending on the boss)
* Game ends when all controllable party members are dead. (But not all are allowed to switch zones, dont get your hopes too high)
* Removed Packing talent tree
* Water stairs do not provide air anymore
* Moon and Star (the artifacts) are now a pair and will provide additional bonus when used together
* New artifacts!
* Tweaked some Alchemist talent costs
* Object requirements are currently colorized again
* Controlled phase door rune is now subject to fizzle when blinking out of LOS, like the spell
* Talents that can not be used will only grey out after the cooldown has elpased
* Left click on an hostile target can now be bound to a talent (archers get it bound to Shoot by default)
* Alchemist Protection tooltip now reflects the fact that it does protect the golem too
* Channel Staff now ignores friendlies (it will pass over them harmlessly)
* Clicking on the minimap now makes the character run to this spot
* Updated Maj'Eyal and the Far East map to be more "meaty"
* Repulsion has a slightly greater knockback distance and will also daze any targets affected
* Fix Shadow Blast damage
* Optimized OpenGL drawing code: use vertex arrays instead of immediate mode; removed some useless calls; remvoed debug code from shaders
* Reworked how the minimap works, Entities now can have a setupMinimapInfo() method that is called by the map code. If you use a special map update code, have a look at Map:updateGrid to make your code up to date
* New race: Yeeks - look out for some new ruins on the map
* New starting zones for the Yeeks
* The Rod of Recall is now dropped by the first boss killed
* Archery talents now give a correct range
* Sandworm tunneler should finaly strengthen existing tunnels
* Actor:setEffect() now rounds its duration *UP*
* Archery now correctly uses attack bonus from ammo
* ESP will not make the out of LOS display "flicker"
* Weather effects: A few zones now get clouds, sand storms, ... moving over them
* New class: Mindslayers. The yeek's frontline figthers, mindslayers are powerful psionics that use their powers to enhance their melee abilities. They can psionicaly wield a second weapon and erect powerful auras. *beware this class is not easy to play*
* Inventory window now displays a currently equiped compare tooltip if available
* Nerf flurry somewhat
* New class: Temporal Warden. Protect and manipulate the timeline. Instantly switch between ranged and melee combat. Time travel (to the past!)

Have fun!

PS: svn revision 2500

[tome] joylove: You can't just release an expansion like one would release a Kraken XD
[tome] phantomfrettchen: your ability not to tease anyone is simply stunning ;)

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