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PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:07 pm 
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As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta8 !

Many things got balanced and fixed this release, I will welcome comments! :)

Some internal changes to the engine to make things simpler/easier for module makers, make sure you read the change list.

Release highlights:

* Much balancing and fixes
* Images for nearly all objects
* Many new egos and artifacts
* Two new “secret” mage subclasses (unlockable)
* Projectile system
* New talents for warriors
* Two new Orc Prides

Expanded changelist:

* Fix map crash in Angolwen
* Fix unided ego objects
* Fix character sheet line feeds
* Fix Shield Pummel shield attack
* Fix warriors archery mastery
* Personal achievements showing up in character dump
* Tooltips show up over other UI elements
* Apprentice mage quest does not mistake an Alchemist for an Archmage
* Talents that have hostile actions will default to hostile targets
* Generic talents will be displayed as such in the talents screen
* Fix many alchemist issues
* Wildfire talent line
* Ice talent line
* Golem can be renamed with the Refit Golem talent
* New physical talent line for warriors: Superiority
* New physical talent line for warriors: Warcries
* New Projectile entities, some spells/archery/… use them to make a real projectile that travels the map (very very fast)
* New ActorProject:projectile() function that works like project() that that creates a projectile
* Many on hit effects wont trigger if the target is already dead
* Rebalance and add new powers to Alchemist class
* Fix game menu mouse/keyboard interaction
* Add new bow artifact and egos
* Add new sling egos
* Add ammo egos
* New egos: helms
* New item type: cloth hats (wizard hat)
* New artifact: Glamdring
* New egos fors leather caps
* Allow activable objects to run a talent
* New egos: charged (prefix), allows to use a random talent, with charges (do not self recharge)
* Added many new images by Mushroomhermit
* Resting now gradually improves your life/mana/stamina regen rate, so that it does not affect short restst much but reduces waiting time on long ones
* New artifact: the Tome of Flames (not available everywhere)
* Divine/Glyphs are now all projectable to a distance
* New Entity:getDisplayString() method that returns a string that makes drawColorString* display the entity image inside the text (only works on cards that can do framebuffer objects)
* Inventory, stores, tooltips, … now display the image
* Fixed Sunburst description
* Most zones can now have all existing NPCs, but non-native ones are rare, to spice things up a little
* The scribe in Minas Tirith and Gates of Morning and the Staves & Wands store in Angolwen can now recharge charged objects
* Added multi-hued dragons to the generic set of monsters, beware of the Greater Multi-hued Wyrm .. it is quite nasty
* Added monster pits to some zones, have .. fun
* Fix store selling not updating after object identification
* Moved the cuttle little bunny to be old forest only
* Can not read scrolls while blinded
* New zone: Vor Pride
* The Orc Pride bosses now have the rank of elite boss
* Most NPCs that have sustainable talents will be created with them active
* Changed the max life rank adjusting formula, this should result in more life for all actors at high level, specialy for bosses
* Changed[1] and level.downs[1] to level.default_up and level.default_down. You must update your module, probably in Game:changeLevel().
* New engine interface PlayerMouse, this handles the default mouse actions, so that modules can easily implent them. You are encouraged to switch to use it.
* New engine interface GameTargeting, this handles all the complex targeting code for you. You are encouraged to switch to use it.
* Updated both ToME and example module to the new interfaces
* Example module now uses display strings and shows a tooltip for Grids
* Example module now comes with both talent & actor seen display enabled
* Do not compute FOV when blind
* Stealth now works correctly for monsters
* Improve faction function descriptions (yufra)
* Fixed levelup stats to not take into account equipment
* Redesigned how NPCs in ToME get rarity, this affects most zones
* Added some more orcs
* New zone: Grushnak Pride (THIS IS A TEST, the zone is not completly done)

Have fun!

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