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PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:13 am 

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I assume that is a fixdart belt, whose passive bonus is probably be way inferior to a randart one. Anyway, you're focusing on a single strike, so it's ok. Again don't forget the boot ego, which is also pretty good even without counting the size increase.

That shout cancels evasion, but not repel, skirmisher buckler expertise, weapon warding, blade ward, intuitive shot and stone skin, and chances to ignore any type of damage, and bone/storm shield, and I assume that Sawrd is no more. OK, these are far less common, but they still exist.

But since now we're in 1.6 where Flexible Combat is greately nerfed, YSBMW does seem an interesing idea. I don't agree with Cath in that knockback is that bad because WO does have some close-in.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 11:41 am 

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Yeah, you are right again, but for now I met only (or noticed only) evasion and intuitive shots - those are terrible.
Belt was just randart with additional 40 phys power, Str and Con. :lol:
Also, given that changes to a fontaine, you can't really count on it in item enchancement - fontaine is dead now, and probably Lost Merchant is better now, again...
So you don't get such belt consistenly, and probaby will hav ehad time with boots as well.
Oh well - this char was OP as *** anyway.

And yeah, WO do have Constriction and Carrion Feet.

English isn't my native language.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 4:24 am 

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[list=][/list]The pet's build has kinda shifted for me due to the rework of it's talent trees. The idea is kind of strange on the surface in that you want the worm to melee now instead of a ranged caster, but you also only want debuffs on hit instead of damage. You also don't want to go the staff route with the worm, because very few staves deal the correct damage on hit to trigger diseases compared to other melee weapons (unless you're picking up Blighted Summoning of course), and you want on-hits like Exposed/Curse of Defenselesness and Amnesia, and instead. But that said I also see diseases pop up way more often because it's not tied to a spell with a cooldown.

As soon as I unlock the worm, what I do with the first points depends on whether or not I kept a weapon that deals blight damage on hit (Plaguebringer's, of Vileness, etc.) : If I have one I put all five into Virulent Disease and then start for Ruin in the next two talent points. If I don't I make a beeline for Ruin. The guaranteed blight damage on hit is absolutely needed, and you may or may not even want more points for the heal later in the game. It may also be worth it to put a single point into Corrupting Strike, and then you can time that with Diseased Tongue and whatever else the worm and Decayed Horrors under Blighted Summoning pull out. Big Dissolved Face combo.

You also want:
-Accuracy, Pickaxe of Wreckage (hits must land no matter what, and you're probably focusing on STR and MAG for gear and talents with only minimal investment in DEX.)
-Combat speed (the worm has Ghoul's Attack and Casting speed, but movement speed is the same as your own including Carion Feet).
-Healmod, worm has a minus here too (however that shields are still 100%). Note that this does not effect the heals that it gives you, for example totems or worm pools from Infestation procs.
-Physical and spellpower, for effect applying.
-The worm tends to like meatshielding, so +HP and regen are also useful to hopefully help with the healmod issue.
-One point in weapons mastery, but only that one point for the physical power as the only damage you care about from weapons is it's at least 1 point of Blight damage. The other points that you put in there should go to Combat Accuracy.
-Note that the worm has passive mana regen. Premonition might be nice if you have enough Seers (Divination is probably the best escort tree you can grab at the same time due to the sustains. Either that or Scoundrel due to two weapon hits).

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 9:12 pm 

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Flexible combat should work nicely, given it procs from the bulbs as well

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