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Warning: why you may not want to play this build:
1. hitting 6k with normal attacks
2. 1-2 round final fight on insane
3. become a boss as early as lvl 8
4. best defense you'll ever have
5. the synergy of talents is insane
conclusion: broken, no fun if you looking for challenge

the build
Key Part:
Steamtech / Gunner training 5/
Steamtech / Elusiveness 2/1/5/
Wild-gift / Storm drake aspect 5/
Race / Shalore 1/2/1/5

Build On It:
Cursed / Rampage 5/4/2/
Psionic / Finer energy manipulations 3/1/1/5
Technique / Thuggery 1/1/1/1 floating
Arcane Might
Pain Enhancement System

Technique / Reflexes 1/
Spell / Temporal 1/2/1/5
Wild-gift / Ooze 5/1/1/3
Steamtech / Thoughts of iron 5/1/3/2

How to play
1. The key combo is awesome toss + moving very fast, get your awesome toss at lvl 8, use the combo, profit.
2. One shot everyone in mid to late game with normal attack, so just shoot.
3. how do I survive first 7 levels? TK a gem, finding DEX equipment for gun training, then throw everything in CUN

Why so much damage? Let's talk about synergy.
1. damage synergy:
- Lots of character needs to spread their stats for different concerns, but my gunner invest every single stat into damage:
STR: PES, physical power
MAG: Arcane Might
CUN: the only stat weapon damage scaled with before Arcane Might
- CUN is easy to find on item
- physical % and physical penetration % is easy to find on guns, and you can wear 3
- tinkers: +10 all stats body, +10 CUN head, +45% crit damage mutiplier (3 guns)
2. combo synergy:
- speed: Essence of Speed + Grace of the Eternals + Lightning Speed + Rampage
- duration: Timeless (why Shalore is 10 out of 10 for this build)
- more damage: Brutality + heroism + Thuggery tree
- resource managment: notice Lightning Speed uses equilibrium, somehow the best defensive talent Ooze recover equilibrium
3. defense:
- stun is covered 100%, confusion 50%, other stuff 67% from Ooze, also critic damage reduction
- 25% all resist from Thoughts of iron, come with one free medical injector implant and mental status removal
- time shield and moving / acting very fast
- "moving fast" is actually a defensive skill, as no projectile will ever hit you
- movement infusion in, awesome toss, lightening speed out. everyone will die when you move around in safe place

I picked Chronomancy / Temporal Combat in builds before, to smooth out the first 7 levels, and also providing round 10% damage in late game for combo (turn saved from Weapon Folding and resist reduction from Weapon Manifold).

But please don't play with fire. Take Technique / Reflexes for safety. So you won't shoot yourself.

Every death on my run is a suicide. Weird stuff will happen, like foes drag you in, blink behind you when awesome toss shooting mad, or maybe because you move like lightening, you'll run into your bullet.


So that's about it. I think this build with some good equipment will be the easiest to beat madness. Good luck and have fun!

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