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Note - I had this under a different title and edited it down to a single starting post again, since I was talking in circles and ultimately not that happy with my conclusions.

Things I've tried:

Cultist with Controlled Horrors, Friend of Worm, Temporal Hounds. Results - meh? You miss Cultist Talent Mastery.
Various TK-boosted melee tentacle-wielders: pretty decent at Insanity generation due to Beyond the Flesh triggering an extra tentacle swipe per round, but you need great Insanity spenders to make that pay off, and you're paying a premium for offhand damage probably worse than a dagger with a good ego (to say nothing of Mercy). Moved results to Effigy's Tentaclemancer thread.
Temporal Warden or Steamsaw/Demon Seed Wielders with Temporal Hound + Friend of the Worm backup: pretty solid, but not that different from what I've done before besides the addition of Friend of the Worm (who is pretty fun to kit up in Tinkers, but otherwise not that different). Demon Seeds on your Worm are pretty fun, but if you're using AoE seeds yourself your minions really pay the price.

Current idea: Drem Paradox Mage/Cultist of Entropy Hybrid
Building this out was made much easier by bpat's Cultist of Entropy guide pointing out the goodies there.

The core combo comes from the fact that Power Overwhelming is triggered by any spell, not just Cultist spells, which gives you temporal & darkness damage boost/respen while letting you trigger Nihil and feed Unravel Existence with any magical negative effect in the game. Arguably, the best of these is Attenuate, which receives a very large benefit from both Nihil and All is Dust - rather like hyper-charged Seal Fates that don't get distracted by other status effects you stick on the target. Meta lets you spam Madness and Attenuate on a tight rotation (although remember Insanity's random effects on cooldown) and, given the rounding properties of CDR, is strongest on spells with short cooldowns, while Frenzy is best used with spells that have long cooldowns (All is Dust, Black Monolith, Cacophony, Entropic Gift). Working together, and along with Quick as Thought, these give you the ability to bring a Herald online very rapidly while unleashing huge DoTs and having multiple layers of summons to hide behind (Hounds are permanent and positionable, Black Monolith and From Below are targetable, Herald and Hideous Visions happen as byproducts of your other actions).

Other fun bits:
Light: really fascinating tree in conjunction with Entropy, completely changes its character and adds significant offensive capabilities. Bathe in Light in particular is a complex and powerful beast, healing back damage you take from Entropy while stacking it higher, enhancing your Time shield and/or Barrier, and dropping a whole ton of Nihil procs whether or not you have Power Overwhelming up or not. Bathe in Light -> Healing Light -> Entropic Gift can be a significant nuke (especially with a solid investment in Black Hole), and with Frenzy up you can repeat it back-to-back. (Of course, if you need healing out of combat, Healing Light + Reverse Entropy works fine.) Finally, with Power Overwhelming up, even Barrier and Providence drop Nihil stacks.

TK Wielding: dual-wielding missile weapons really helps you get through your lacklustre early game, giving you something to do besides Dark Whispers and run away. Later, a second staff will often provide quite significant boosts to damage and respen, often analogous to a tier 4 class skill like Crystalline Focus. Alternatively, if you find the Crude Iron Battle Axe of Kroll then it provides Stun immunity in a single item. In any case, a free melee swipe isn’t likely to be that effective, but it’s better than nothing.

While I tried to squeeze it in, this build avoids Friend of the Worm because it's likely to get obliterated by Attenuate, while your Temporal Hounds and Herald of Oblivion seem unaffected despite your respen.

Race: Drem. Cornac likely pretty good as well.

Initial 7
Augmented Mobility

10: Temporal Hounds
20: Oblivion
36: Meta
Wyrm: Tinkers, Doom, or Inscription.

These are minimums as I see it, largely stolen from existing Paradox Mage and Cultist Guides.

Entropy 1/1/1/2
Void 2/1/1/2
Oblivion 2/2/1/2
Flux 1/1/5/1
Meta 3/1/5
Stasis 1/1/5/1
Madness 3/1/1/3
Temp Hounds 5/5/1

62 used so far. Good candidates for the last 8 are All is Dust, Unravel Existence, Temporal Vigour, Black Hole, and Essence Reave.

I'm not certain on generics yet. My guesses are :

Light: 1/4/1/4
Light Armor: 2+ (more if you don’t go Tinkers and therefore aren’t using Armor Reinforcement)
Heavy Armor: 1
Thick Skin: 5
Drem: 1/1/1/5
Augmented Mobility: 1/5/1 optional/2-3 optional (you otherwise like a teleport option)

if Tinker, you’re probably also going Harmony
Physics 1/1/2
Chemistry 3/2
(7 generic points and a category gets you Armor Reinforcement for Hardiness, Air Recycler for Silence resist, Grounding Strap for Stun Resist, Mana Coil for Lightning proc and much faster Mana regen, salves, Back Support for fatigue, and a Black Light Emitter for bonus darkness damage.)
if Harmony: 1/1/5/5 (apparently with +harmony skill trinket can unlock Windtouched Speed prodigy)

if Doom: 5/1/3-5/3-5

Prodigies: Any 2 of Hidden Resources, Temporal Form, Windtouched Speed.

My class guides: Possessor, Oozemancer

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