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PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:59 am 

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so some guy in chat asked me to post this, so here it is ... 99a5863e66
ADDON REQUIRED: ; this addon's ONLY function is that it lets dwarf adventurers who have donated and unlocked stone wardens and are logged in with an online profile to access all stone warden talents; it does nothing else at all, despite the name of the file(or so it seems)
PRODIGIES: Bloodspring, then Superpower
FINAL STATS BEFORE WYRM BILE: 60 willpower, 59 cunning, 60 strength; max out willpower, then get cunning to at least 36, then start working on strength until its capped out then put the rest in cunning; cunning will be 55 without the mastery elixir, and if playing on nightmare or lower, max out cunning and put the rest in dex
ALCHEMIST QUEST POTIONS: Mysticism, Brawn, Mastery, Foundations, and Focus, feel free to switch Mysticism for Precision or Fox, but you'll really need the willpower for equilibrium
INSCRIPTIONS: Primal(wild works too), Regeneration, Regeneration, Healing
REQUIRED GEAR: Tarrasca, and a hat that gives Equilibrium when hit
ESCORTS: 6 Warriors, 1 Vitality, 5 Unflinching Resolve|1 Seer, 1 Nature's Touch|1 Temporal Explorer, 1 Dream Walk|1 Loremaster(optional)Mind Sear
yes, yes, escorts, I savescummed for escorts because I really don't like the idea of thinking that my character could've been better if I did this that or the other; but really you're gonna need these escorts, except the loremaster and one of the warriors(vitality)
what you see here is most of my character's build; the part you don't see are my escorts and 1 point in Resilience of the Dwarves, which is very necessary if you want Stone Fortress to do anything

about my build:
as you can see, this guy is extremely, outrageously defensive; all of this except maybe Force of Will is necessary to survive on insane without ever abusing dig and without ever using track except to make sure that a floor is completely clear, find the sandworm queen, and make sure there isn't a stray banshee or something in the walls after you think you've killed every enemy on the floor
if you can think of a better use for a cateogory point and 10 class points go ahead, but I think Buckler Mastery isn't that good anyway
you may use the other 4 class points and either forego force of will and take another category(such as Eyal's Fury or Slaughter), or you can put the 4 class points into something else you see in the provided picture, such as Shards(67% to 100%), Mitosis, Eldritch Vines, or Earthen Vines
you may also take a point out of Ancestral Life if you don't have equilibrium problems, and put it in Forge Bellows or Mana Clash or Aura of Silence
playstyle: after you get antimagic shield, you'll want to keep your equilibrium as low as possible without dropping necessary sustains so Antimagic shield doesn't drop; use all sustains you see in the picture EXCEPT WILD GROWTH, use aura of silence only when you need it or AM shield is gonna pop anyway
contrary to what you might think, unstoppable and heroism is completely freaking useless on this guy, do not get them, at all
healmod is freaking amazing for this guy, especially if you decide to get Deflection
for alot of randbosses Deflection just won't run out because you'll be taking so little damage, and with alot of randbosses and fixedbosses you can literally just hold down the numpad on them and they'll die
if you have a Summertide, use it in your offhand unless your main hand is a tier 1 green or something
Shield Pummel and Shield Slam will only hit with your offhand shield, and these abilities ignore the offhand damage penalty
Assault hits once with your offhand while ignoring your offhand damage penalty, then in the same turn it crits twice with your main hand and twice with your offhand, but the second and third offhand hits do not ignore the offhand damage penalty
basically, while dual wielding shields, if an ability says it hits with "your weapon" or "for x% weapon damage", it'll hit with both weapons without ignoring the offhand damage penalty, but if it says it hits with main hand then offhand, it'll hit with those specific weapons, and if it says shield hit it'll always be offhand only and ignore the offhand damage penalty for that specific hit; as well, "Free melee attack" means you hit with both shields, not ignoring the offhand damage penalty
for example, Dissolve and Frenzy hits 4 times with both shields, for 8 hits total, but Flurry only hits 3 times with each shield, for 6 hits total, and Brandish will hit once with both shields, then once with your shield with that specific hit ignoring the offhand damage penalty

EDIT: I won
apparently Elandar suffocated in the wall while he was in wraithform and I didn't even realize it until later; aeryn died though and I closed 3 portals
also @cctobias it helps build character

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:40 pm 

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You should use the addon that lets you choose which escort you get instead of save scumming.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:28 am 

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It's the Succor addon. Great for builds like this that have to scum otherwise.

I'm not crying. I'm offering a sacrifice to DarkGod in hopes he'll show favor to me.

It hasn't worked yet.

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