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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:15 pm 

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I'm wondering if Charged Strike could be worth some extra points. According to ... d-striking
if it hits a pinned target (and you can pin with Kinetic Strike/Implode/Heat Shift), then the Charged Shield can get up to 420 of extra absorbed value at max level. If one then deactivates it, that gives a 840 value shield which is not shabby. Basically, start the fight with Charged Shield on, pin an enemy, use charged strike, deactivate Charged Shield and turn on Thermal Shield and then enjoy the defenses. Or is this too much effort for too little gain?

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New race thoughts - I think both are quite good?

Drem's Frenzy, in addition to opening up various memes in conjunction with Frenzied Strike, has a handful of interesting additional interactions. Since Auras activate at instant speed and deactivate costing you a turn, Frenzy lets them deactivate their Auras for ranged options and then immediately reactivate them - you can do something similar with Deflect Projectiles, although the reactivation isn't instant. As Dado notes, Thermal Balance gives you a couple more turns of Forcefield, and Frenzying Thermal Balance gives you 1-2 more on top of that. You can flow back and forth between Thermal and Kinetic Strike, getting the "if X than Y" rider effect in both directions. Quick as Thought gives you a nice global speed bonus to fit more activations into a single Frenzy. Finally, being able to get an additional use out of your Transcendent skills (which in turn reset a bunch of cooldowns when activated) can be quite powerful. Putting all these together you can do (as a thrown-together, single-target control combo) something like Quick as Thought - Frenzy - Frenzied Strike - Thermal Strike - Thermal Strike - Transcendent Pyrokinesis - Pyrokinesis - Thermal Leech - Thermal Strike - Transcendent Pyrokinesis - Thermal Strike - Thermal Leech - Pyrokinesis.

Krog are ridiculously tanky between Absorption, Drake-Infused Blood, and Resolve/Antimagic shield - running Antimagic shield helps protect against all but mind and physical, Charged Shield protects against mind/lightning/blight/dark, Drake-Infused Blood and Kinetic Shield protect against physical (and Kinetic also hits acid/nature/temporal). Warborn and/or Forcefield are there for the really tough fights, and Warding Weapon and Deflect Missiles are good as always. Krog can/should skip mindstars in favor of dual one-handers (which is a useful savings given how generic hungry they are with racial and AM skills mixed with mindslayer's great generics) and opens up Dedication/Perseverance if you can find them. Wrath of the wild can proc off your Beyond the Flesh/Frenzied Focus, which is some pretty good control one you have PES up and your Con gets a good lift.

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