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PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:03 am 

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So, after lots of stupid deaths due to negligence (mainly: not looking at enemies' stats) and cockiness (only one turn until I can heal, no need to port) and being down to the blood of life in the last battle, I finally did it.
I save-scummed once, though, due to some weirdness were the game wouldn't react and I (after I had tried clicking, using spells, hitting keys) died in a sudden flurry of stuff happening.

So, on to the (maybe) interesting part:

General Build Idea

I decided to play a casting reaver, that is, I wore a staff for the whole game and pumped Magic and Con first.
My main tool were the disease skills, which turned out to be quite powerful throughout most of the game.
As high spell saves were my one major problem (blight resistance wasn't, due to 5/5 vimsense), I concentrated on spellpower until I felt I could infect whomever I wanted and then went on to stack spell crit, blight damage and crit modifier.


My first versions of Ebola were Cornacs, because I really liked the additional category point.
I switched to Dwarves later, realizing I didn't actually need that cat point, and since I didn't use Curses or Hexes (which I should have, I suppose) I had an abundance of cat points, so Power is Money was a godsend.

Category points

I wanted all the staying power I could get, so I got Light Magic from an escort and all the infusion slots I could get.
I ended up with one category point and three generics to spare, which I kept in case I wanted to switch to massive for some reason (like finding a crystal heart and a nonmagical voratun plate).


Early on, I had Phase Door, Regeneration and two wild infusions (Physical and Mental). I swapped the Phase Door out for teleportation after doung the maze, and got a movement infusion as well. After my spell and physical saves had reached the point where they could be considered decent, I swapped the physical infusion for a second mental infusion, since my mental save was still abyssmal. For the final fight I swapped in a healing infusion for the teleportation rune, feeling I needed what survivability I could get.

Early game

The early game was a breeze. Most enemies in the early game are melee, so I could just nuke or dot them, running from bosses as needed. After getting Cyst Burst (and Catalepsy), Ebola turned into a monster.
The only trouble, really, was vim management, as the disease skills do not return their vim cost on a kill, meaning I had to rely on drain and later vimsense to keep vim up.

Early - Mid game

Mid-game was fun, and, for the most part, quite easy. I died twice (I think) in Dreadfell, once to skeletons in a cave I collapsed into after opening a grave, once because my curiosity forced me to open the room of death (and my overconfidence suggesting that, being able to visibly damage what was in it, I also had to be able to kill it. Oh well. :D).
The only real problem (besides groups of luminous horrors and ugly rares) before crossing over was the master.
I had two characters who failed because they couldn't get past him due to his amazing spell save.
I found several solutions to that problem:

1. Extreme hit and run with teleportation and movement rune, using non-resistable spells
2. Boosting spellpower high enough (which kind of depends on luck)
3. Using Vimsense with 4 or 5 points in the boosting passive and Light talents to keep healed up, boost nuke spells earlier and equip some wand to help with the nuking.

On this character, approach 2 worked. After I had done everything I could do in the west except for the Crypt (which, not having skilled the disease immunity passive, I politely declined to visit), the Master was a breeze, as  was the ambush.


The early lategame was quite easy as well, until I died (twice, I think) in the Necromancer Pride - both times, I think, ripped to shreds by a bunch of shadows that for some reason outdamaged pretty much anything I had met before. The other prides were mostly child's play (though I did have a few close calls), my area spells making stair rooms relatively trivial.
I died once or twice more in the High Peak due to ugly stair guardians whose power I failed to judge correctly (220% speed Nage myrmidon time warden/arcane blade thingy, I look at you), and finally ressurected with Life's Blood in the final fight to win it.

What I would do different

I pushed Strength after maxing out Magic and Con because I thought I might want to switch to heavy armor at some point for survivability; turns out I didn't until the last fight, and should have pushed Cunning all the way. 80% Crit chance does a lot for one's damage output.


1. Max Magic, any remaining points go to Con. Max Cunning after those two are maxed.
2. Ignore any melee and bone skills.
3. Get disease skills. Look for break points (increased radius for Cyst Burst and Catalepsy, damage for the others).
4. Get bloodcasting. One point should be enough in the long term, but you'll need it.
5. Try to get Vimsense before entering anything tier 2 besides the maze, and the passive before dreadfell.
6. Get Boneshield to 5/5 as soon as you can afford to cast it vim-wise.
7. As soon as you can, get Power is Money, and keep it high enough to make the most of your monetary reserves.
8. Get 5/5 in Thick Skin (who doesn't?).
8. Push drain before soul rot to ease vim management; you might want to max soul rot before though if you have trouble killing the master.


+ Very easy early and mid game
+ Amazing crowd control (usually due to sudden death of the crowd)
+ Fun skillset
+ Excellent kiter due to instant-cast dot
+ High survivability due to maxed con, Boneshield, Light spells and high crit
+ Ranged - no sudden deaths to armoured skeletons or bone giants. Usually.
+ Very decent damage output
+ Overkill

- Dependance on spell-saveable effects
- Single-element (though Vimsense does help a lot!)
- Can't see him kill the big golem
- Luminous horrors are incredibly annoying
- Vim management sucks balls early on
- Overkill (I actually killed two escorts because I forgot to turn it off...)

Edit: I can't access my character profile, so no link for now.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:30 am 

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Congrats on the win!

This should be moved in character reports, though.

<darkgod> all this fine balancing talk is boring
<darkgod> brb buffing boulder throwers

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:45 am 

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There's nothing wrong with playing classes in an unconventional way but a corruptor can do the exact same thing but better. So might as well play a corruptor unless you're doing it for a challenge. Grats on getting a first win with this build.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:49 pm 

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I suppose he can, at that - but then again, the Corruptor doesn't need diseases to be a succesful nuker, so for him as well as for the reaver, it's not the go-to cookie cutter for sure.
The only points the Reaver has going for him as opposed to the Corruptor is the unlocked bone tree and the additional +2 hp per level.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:59 pm 

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great guide! (I know I'm a year or so late to the party, but wth)

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