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Anorithil received significant enough changes in 1.6 (thanks Orange <3) to warrant a new guide, and due to it being my favourite class I decided to write one.
You can find my recent Ano winner HERE. HP/Final fight was not even a slight problem (even with Aeryn griefing and pulling boss out of my circles) and Linaniil was also killed without major issues.



Mag > Con = Cun > Dex

Class talents

Sunlight 4+/3/1/5
Twilight 1-2/1-4/3+/0+
Star fury 4+/1/1/1+
Eclipse 5/5/3/0 (5 if you unlock Glyphs)
Circles 5/5/5/3+
(Glyphs 2/2/2/1)

Generic talents

Racial X/X/X/X (Really depends on race)
Combat Training 3+/1-3/0-1/0/0/0
Chants 3+/1/1/1
Light 1/4/1/3+
Hymns 3+/1/1+/2-3

Category points

10: Inscription
20: Circles
34/Bile: Escort category OR 2nd inscription OR Glyphs


25: Armour of Shadows
42: Corrupted Shell/Cauterize/Ethereal form/(Any defensive one you like)/(Swift hands if you hate yourself)


Movement + Wild (Physical) + Regen/Heal/Shielding/Biting gale + Dissipation

Change Wild (Physical) for Wild (Mental) after 1 point in Chant Adept to safeguard yourself against silence (Shadowblades...)


Notable races include the following:

Higher: Nice racials and no exp penalty. Highborn's Bloom helps a lot to reduce the initial burst of energy cost from planting down circles + celestial surge.
Shalore: Really good racials with a bit of an exp penalty. Shalore is never bad because Timeless is lollers.
Thalore: Defensive counterpart of Higher. No exp penalty, passive affinity/resists and active (instant) meatshield summon racials
Doomelf: Mobility and crit shrug from racials. Especially the former is valuable on Ano who doesn't have a lot of "reactive" mobility available. Bit of an exp penalty.
Drem: Frenzy can be used for double Sunburst for absolutely disgusting burst of damage among other things. The mouth is also nice, albeit a bit overkill. Bit of an exp penalty.
Dwarf: You heard me. My choice of race, with no exp penalty and 2 additional starter dungeon, making the early game (where Ano has the most trouble) that much easier. Overall good racials with extra capability of stacking saves to a point that Argoniel won't be able to land debuffs on you. (Note my winner's sheet: with just Circle of Shifting Shadows + chant, I was sitting at 94/109/94 saves. This is enough to shrug a ton of effects off)


Mag: Mag = Spellpower, Spellpower = enemies die. Max 1st.
Con: Gives us some life/healmod + Armour of Shadows (and Corrupted shell if you take it) scale on it. Max either 2nd or 3rd (I suggest 2nd)
Cun: Spellcrit + some talents (Mind Blast, Shadow Simulacrum, Twilight) scale on it. Max either 2nd or 3rd (I suggest 3rd)
Dex: Gives crit shrug. Dunk the leftover points here

Class categories

Sunlight: 4/3/0/0 at once, 4+/3/1/5 at leisure

Searing Light: An underrated above-average power energy generating nuke. Will serve you well all the way from 1 to 50 and deserves the 4+ points
Sun Flare: AoE damage + blind. 3 points for 4 radius and to gain some temporary resists.
Firebeam: Completely useless earlygame. Deals basically no damage, but casts the spell total of 3 times which is useful for proccing spell procs and Corona. 1 Point is enough as dmg is irrelevant regardless of spent points.
Sunburst: Serious business long-range nuke with shotgunning capabilities and an added benefit of extra light dmg%. Will absolutely decimate first targets when used in a crowded 1-wide hallway

Twilight: 1/1/0/0 at once, 1-2/1-4/3+/0+ at leisure

Twilight: It generates neg. energy. Lategame 2 is enough to cap.
Jumpgate: An amazing teleport that has near-pinpoint accuracy, goes through walls and has considerable range. Requires planting the gate before usage, however. 4 points unlocks 2nd jumpgate which you can take if you want some more usage out of it during combat
Mind Blast: 10 radius long duration confuse. Very potent CC and not worst damage either
Shadow Simulacrum: Creates a copy of the enemy. Can be extremely useful against bosses. HOWEVER, there is something iffy currently with temporal clones where they can just seemingly randomly attack you instead.

Star fury: 2+/1/1/1 at once, 4+/1+/1/1+ at leisure

Moonlight Ray: It's cheap, it's beam. You'll most likely end up using it a lot over the course of the run.
Shadow Blast: Deals good AoE damage over several turns.I haven't seen a need for it, however the damage scales relatively well and is a possible 4 pointer (for max duration)
Twilight Surge: Generates both resources and deals some damage in a 5 radius AoE. Use if looking like you'll run out of resources/nothing else to do. Put it on "autocast when out of combat" to make resting faster (remember to hit Ctrl + P to disable autocasts when going to towns if you do this, otherwise you'll anger everyone).
Starfall: AoE stun. 4 turn static duration, gains a radius at 3 and 5 points.

Eclipse: 0/0/0/0 at once, 5/5/3+/0(5) at leisure

Blood Red Moon: 19% spellcrit. Extremely useful later on, not a necessity asap.
Totality: Ton of light/dark respen and a useful side-effect of reducing active cooldowns. 5 points to max duration and pen gain
Corona: Core part of the Ano kit. Procs light/dark projectiles on spellcrits with no cooldown (double critting talents, such as Circles, can create 2 bolts at once). Will help proccing spell procs immensely. 3+ points to get 4 targets.
Darkest Light: My favourite talent (even tho I didn't take it on my winner). Converts part of enemy damage into split light/dark. IF you go glyphs and thus get the light/dark affinity from Empowered glyphs, go 5 points for basically reducing enemy damage to smithereens for 5 turns in an enormous AoE.

Circles: 3/3/3/3 at once, 5/5/5/4+ at leisure (Note: all Circles are instant cast and roll crit twice: once for effect and once for duration)

Circle of Shifting Shadows: Deals minor dark damage per turn and grants you a meaningful amount of defense and all saves.
Circle of Sanctity: Deals minor light damage per turn, silences every enemy within every turn(!) AND makes you immune to silence while within the circle(?!?). Core tool to completely shut down any casters.
Circle of Warding: Deals minor split light/dark damage per turn, slows enemy projectiles fired from within and attempts to knockback any enemies within. Core tool to keep melee out of your face + scary projectiles from reaching you.
Celestial Surge: Beast. Deals split light/dark damage to every enemy for every circle and slows hit enemies' global speed by 50%. Get really comfortable with the 3 circle hotkeys + this one as most fights begin (and end) with the combo

(Glyphs: 2/2/2/1 at leisure)

Glyphs: It makes shiny pictures on the ground. The effects are pretty useful but sadly do not proc often enough to consider them amazing. 2 points for 4 duration
Glyphs of Fury: Now the shiny pictures deal damage. Cool beans, but we're here for the duration increase. 2 points for +4 duration
Empowered Glyphs: Currently the only reason to unlock Glyphs. By itself is a decent defensive tool as dark damage can be scary, but combined with Darkest light becomes an extreme utility. 2 points for 5 duration and 4 stacks.
Destabilize Glyphs: Sad little brother of Celestial surge. Used solely to help maintain Empowered Glyphs stacks. 1 point is enough.

Generic categories

Combat training: 0/1-3/0-1/0/0/0 at once, 3+/1-3+/0-1/0/0/0 at leisure

Thick Skin: It's all res yo
Heavy Armour Training: If you plan on going massive armor, 3 is needed here ofc. It's probably the better way to go, but I prefer robes. You'll anyway want 2 points to equip Lunar shield which you hopefully find (I didn't ree)
Light Armour Training: 1 point if using robes/leather, 0 otherwise.
Combat Accuracy: Not
Weapons Mastery: Using
Dagger Mastery: Weapons

Chants: 1/1/1/0 at once, 3+/1/1/1 at leisure

Chant Acolyte: Grants 3 different chants out of which you can have 1 active at once. We'll be using Chant of Resistance pretty much always because it has the best passive effect (resistances + reduced damage from 3+ tiles away) and because it leaves the 2 others free for Chant Adept (read on)
Chant Illuminate: Gives some retal dmg/mana per turn. Mana helps if you took an escort talent that uses it.
Chant Adept: Lets us cleanse a debuff when we START a new chant. Fortress = Physical, Resistance = Magical, Fortitude = Mental. This is the 2nd reason why we use Chant of Resistance always: we can cleanse physical or mental debuffs using chants.
Chant Radiant: It's some light dmg% yay

Light: 1/4/1/3+ at once (Note: all Light spells generate positive energy.)

Healing Light: Heals. Useful filler if you got nothing else to do.
Bathe in Light: Heals and shields you for a stupid amount on top of increasing healmod. 4 points to max duration. Do note that enemies benefit from this as well, but your circles usually keep them out.
Barrier: Damage absorb that can crit. Can be useful as filler or to precast before combat.
Providence: Buff that removes a single Physical, Magical or Mental debuff per turn. Real useful. 3 points for 6 duration, 5 points for 8 duration.

Hymns: 3/1/1/0 at once, 3+/1/1+/2-3 at leisure

Hymn Acolyte: Grants 3 different Hymns out of which you can have 1 active at once. Unlike with Chants, there is an actual choice to make here as all 3 glyphs are useful. I prefer Hymn of Perseverance to help with the ever-important status resists, and I tend to use it until I get to craft a Bloodstone ring. At that point I change to Hymn of Detection for the crit multiplier.
Hymn Incantor: Dark dmg% yay
Hymn Adept: Gives us a buff when we END a hymn (buff depends on which hymn). I like getting 2 points in this to reach 500~% movement increase from ending Hymn of Shadows early on. Do note that you can end a hymn even while silenced.
Hymn Nocturnalist: One of the core tools. Automatically consumes neg. energy and shoots a beam of dark dmg (with chance to blind) at nearby enemies. Not important to get until you got a decent spellcrit and preferably some spell procs. Using it too early will starve your neg. energy for no meaningful gain. 2 points for 2 targets, 3 for 4. Neg. energy cost stays the same as long as at least 1 beam is shot.

Category points

10: Inscription slot. Power of circles shows up around lvl 20, so might as well take a scribe slot first to make earlygame less painful.
20: Circles. No question as they are your core survival tool and a big part of the class identity. I suggest saving some class points to get the circles going asap at 20
34: An escort category OR 2nd inscription OR Harmony/Vile life. Notable escort cats include Tinkers and Stone alchemy. Conditioning is also an option, granted not as amazing. 2nd inscription slot is perfectly valid and if you haven't gotten any good escorts saved, can also opt for Harmony (for Elemental Harmony and Healing Nexus, latter of which is pretty neat with Bathe in Light) or Vile life (for Vile Transplant and Healing Inversion)
Wyrm Bile: If you plan on taking Glyphs, take them here. Otherwise, pick whatever you didn't last time.


25: Armour of Shadows or Ethereal Form. Armour of Shadows is my go-to choice for the beefy armour & hardiness it gives.
42: Corrupted Shell or Cauterize or whatever you didn't pick before. Corrupted shell mashes well together with Armour of Shadows, giving you 100% hardiness and large amount of armour even with robes. Cauterize is the classic one-shot protection and Ethereal Form gives a massive boost to defense + it's simple for us to keep the 25% bonus up due to circles.


Movement infusion: You want at least one of these for positioning/running away in the earlygame. Try to get one with as low cd as possible (8 is minimum)
Heal infusion: Instant healing and bleed/poison/disease cleanse. Extremely useful for guaranteeing that your Physical cleanse hits a stun instead of bleed/poison.
Regen infusion: It heals over 5 turns, pretty simple.
Shielding rune: Instant bubble.
Wild infusion: Early on have a Physical Wild, and once you got 2 points in Chant Adept, swap it to a Mental Wild (or dual-type if you get one). Running 2 Wilds, 1 Physical and 1 Mental is reasonable as safeguard against physical silences such as Grapple (Brawlers), Fiery Grasp (Doombringer), Garrote (Rogues) and Explosive Saw (Sawbutchers)
Rune of Dissipation: Reward from Hogwarts for beating Urkis to a pulp. Dispels 8 magical sustains from the target and is extremely useful.
Biting Gale rune: Sleeper rune of 1.6. Instant cast AoE freeze. Very useful at getting out/getting to a better position/just disabling enemies for some turns.

Movement + Heal/Regen/Shielding + Wild + Dissipation (+ Wild/Biting Gale/Regen/Heal/Shielding)


Alchemist: Stone alchemy tree, Stone Touch talent or 5 mag.
Defiler: Curse of Death is potentially useful for shutting down high regen on enemies. Curse of Impotence is some (around 16-18%~) damage reduction, not phenomenal but not useless. Otherwise, 5 mag.
Loremaster: 5 mag (or 5 con if you're feeling spicy)
Seer: Premonition for mitigation, Arcane eye for baby Track or 5 mag.
Sun Paladin: Not a lot of options. We don't care about talent level of Chant of Fortress/Fortitude, so 5 mag it is.
Temporal Explorer: Foresight for crit shrug or Precog for pseudo-Track
Thief: Track or 5 cun
Tinker: Strongest escort category, like it is with every class because Tinkers are obscenely powerful. Take Last Engineer Standing if you don't want Tinkers.
Warrior: Vitality if you get it early on (in T1 dungeons). Otherwise 5 con.


Anorithil is the undisputed champion of spell procs. While they're not absolutely necessary, they benefit us greatly and should not be foregone. Therefore there are a few artifacts that you wanna keep your eye out for.

Prothotipe's Prismatic Eye: An artifact gem that when imbued gives us the Eye Beam proc. Craft it into a ring and use it regardless of results. If the ring sucks, you can later replace it but if it rolls well (of Life, for example) you can use it all the way to victory and beyond. (Note: The proc is possibly bugged currently but in a beneficial way)
DĂșathedlen Heart: On top of granting 15% all damage & 10% all resist for standing on unlit tiles, it gives us the almighty Invoke Darkness spell proc (at above average chance of 15% even). Invoke Darkess is a dark damage beam, which makes it very powerful in the hands of Ano. The item itself, however, can be a bit rare.
Lunar Shield: Large chunk of dark dmg%, some mastery to the dark categories and Moonlight Ray proc make this shield a phenomenal offhand equip. Is the boss drop of Maze backup guardian (Nimisil)
Spellblade: A freaking stupid sword that will push our damage to the moon, granting us 12% chance to proc not 1 but 3 powerful spells (Flame, Manathrust, Lightning) on top of giving us considerable spellpower and some spellcrit. However, due to it being a tier 5 Maj'Eyal artifact, it is obscenely rare and you will most likely not find it. If you do, it's a beast tho.
Wanderer's Rest: Doesn't give any spell procs but is notable due to the Telekinetic Leap active ability it grants, which helps positioning a ton on Ano.

Gameplay (GEMPLEGH!)

Earlygame: This is where Ano suffers the most. You've no access to your defensive tools nor your obscene damage yet, so we gotta rinkydink it through. Searing Light and Moonlight Ray are your friends, ending your Hymns can grant you damage shield (Perseverance) and movement speed buff for relocation/leaving (Shadows) and Jumpgate will take you to safety as long as you remember to pre-plant it. Be liberal with your infusions and remember that Blind (from Sun Flare) is a more potent debuff on enemies than a lot of people give it credit for. Once you hit 20 and get 3/3/3 in circles, life gets a looooot easier. Melee enemies no longer get to your skin as easily and have to waste turns trying to walk to you, casters can be completely locked by silencing them. Once you get a Quartz gem or two (from Sandworm Lair or Maze if you're lucky), make sure to craft a ring/2 rings with em in Angolwen for stun resist. If you can make it through the T2 dungeons and Dreadfell, you're pretty well on your way to obscenity.

Midgame: I tend to start using Corona/Hymn Nocturnalist around Reknor (on insane, so anywhere lvl 35+). Hopefully by this point you already have a decent spellcrit (40+%) and some spell procs (most likely Prothotipe's prismatic eye, Storm Bringer's Gauntlets etc.) By this point, dropping circles and hitting Celestial Surge is likely to clear most (if not all) enemies. If something doesn't die, Mind Blast confuse/Starfall stun work wonders. Remember that with Hymn Nocturnalist, your neg. energy will see a large increase in consumption rate so get comfortable with that Twilight hotkey for extended combats.

Lategame: Drop your circles, hit Celestial Surge. If something survives, hit Sunburst. Things other than some bosses most likely won't survive that but if they do, then really use anything you got (Searing Light, Moonlight Ray, Starfall, Mind Blast, Firebeam, Twilight Surge, anything) and your Corona/Hymn Nocturnalist primed spell procs will take care of the rest. I didn't drop below 50% life at any point past Dreadfell, closest was Vor with his meteors hitting for about 30-40%~ on 1st turn

Spell proc info

I've talked about spell procs previously in this guide and while they're powerful, there are some quirks and mechanics included that might not be apparent immediately.

What can and can not proc spell procs: Any direct hits can proc spell procs (disregarding a bug that currently exists). This means things like Hymn Nocturnalist, Corona bolts, Initial hit of Searing Light, Twilight Surge, Celestial Surge can all proc them. Lingering ground effects and DoTs on enemies can NOT proc them, such as residual light area of Searing Light, Circles, Darkest Light.

Why do some spells seem to proc them more often: Spell procs are rolled per instance of damage. Moonlight Ray is 1 instance of damage, while Celestial Surge with 3 circles down is 6 (3x light, 3x dark). Due to this items like Elemental Fury and Pendant of the Sun & Moons (which convert your damage to multiple elements and thus split them to multiple smaller instances) can increase your chance to proc them considerably. However, they won't increase them quite as much as you'd think at first because of the following point.

What are the limitations of spell procs: Once an instance of damage has rolled successfully on any spell proc and casts it, NO FURTHER INSTANCES CAN PROC THEM that turn. It is unknown to me whether this is a pre-determined limitation or a bug at this time. However, that first instance can successfully cast multiple spell procs if you're lucky. Also the damage converting items mentioned in previous paragraph sadly do not apply to any spell procs.


If you have any questions/suggestions or just wanna moan at me for suggesting 4 points in Searing Light, I'm Moasseman on both Discord and ingame

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I was playing ano the other day before my run was ended by bugs, and I have to agree the early game is painful.

Might be useful to discuss in more detail what actually counts as a spell hit for on spell hit procs. As we discussed in another thread, it's currently confusing/bugged. Like I know circles don't count, and it seems like the initial cast of searing light does but the area effect over time doesn't?

Interestingly, the other class I've found is good at spell procs is Doombringer. Incinerating Blows makes all melee attacks count as spell hits, and the class has several multi-hit attacks and can take advantage of the staff accuracy bonus. I was hitting for over 1k damage from the beam from the Prismatic Eye alone doing that.

What are your thoughts on Crystle's Astral Bindings? Is it worth it to go for an imbued staff if you don't find the Spellblade, which in my experience is pretty rare?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 2:23 pm 

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whitelion wrote:
Might be useful to discuss in more detail what actually counts as a spell hit for on spell hit procs. As we discussed in another thread, it's currently confusing/bugged. Like I know circles don't count, and it seems like the initial cast of searing light does but the area effect over time doesn't?

Ground effects and DoTs don't proc them (by design). As far as the aforementioned bug goes, I haven't noticed any instances on Ano where a spell proc should be able to proc but won't. E: Scratch that. Shadow Blast is a victim of this bug and will not proc spell procs at all, even tho the initial hit should.

whitelion wrote:
Interestingly, the other class I've found is good at spell procs is Doombringer

Yep, DB can make extremely good use out of spellprocs.

whitelion wrote:
What are your thoughts on Crystle's Astral Bindings? Is it worth it to go for an imbued staff if you don't find the Spellblade, which in my experience is pretty rare?

Crystle's are good if you find em early, tho I'd swap em for Storm Bringer's Gauntlets if I come by them. If you play on insane, getting Imbued staff shouldn't be an issue since Font of Sacrifice is a thing (I crafted the staff you see on the winner from "scratch" as in it had 2 trash greater egos and 1 trash lesser ego and I just rolled them all to things I wanted using Font. Cost about 12k). Interesting thing to note about the Font is that the spell proc on Imbued ego will randomize whenever you modify ANY ego on the staff using the font. Ultimately the dream weapon would be a blightspawn randart staff with Netherblast proc and other good stats

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Moasseman wrote:
whitelion wrote:
Might be useful to discuss in more detail what actually counts as a spell hit for on spell hit procs. As we discussed in another thread, it's currently confusing/bugged. Like I know circles don't count, and it seems like the initial cast of searing light does but the area effect over time doesn't?

Ground effects and DoTs don't proc them (by design). As far as the aforementioned bug goes, I haven't noticed any instances on Ano where a spell proc should be able to proc but won't. E: Scratch that. Shadow Blast is a victim of this bug and will not proc spell procs at all, even tho the initial hit should.

Thanks for adding that section; I found it enlightening, as I didn't understand spell proc behavior as well as you do.

Probably will try another ano soon, and will definitely be trying some of the stuff you suggested. Thanks for writing a guide.

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I have nothing to contribute to discussion regarding this guide except to say that, for the uninitiated, any reference to "Hogwarts" is actually a reference to "Angolwen."

Cursed Guide [1.6.7] Nightmare
Primitive Guide [1.6.7] Insane

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