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Low Yeek

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The Samnite is a Warrior of immense size that can control the positioning of a battle with little more than his brute strength, iron will, and massive shield, a tower made using a smaller, regular shield. His march is unstoppable, his very gaze demoralizing, and even a Halfling that takes on the training requires will grow to be a giant of a man.

Primary Stats STR and CON

Weapon Restrictions Wields a two handed weapon and shield. One of his beginning skills allows for weapons to be wielded like this.

Pros: Extremely tough and resilliant, able to add his CON to mental and magical saves. Can use his stamina to attack his way through enemies and manipulate the battlefield. Skills increase the Samnite's size. Can intimidate foes and call down the challenge of single combat on a single foe. Prone to causing bleeding. Can wield a two-handed weapon as if it were one handed.

Cons: Low mobility. Lowered innate magical and mental save chance. Skills can consume more than just one turn.

Ideas for skill trees

Strength over Finesse: Your basic ability to wield your two-handed weapon single-handedly.

The first skill allows you to wield a two-handed weapon single-handedly, albeit with a damage penalty that is reduced as this skill is levelled up. This can stack with the Ogre's ability to single-hand a 2-handed weapon, reducing the damage penalty even more.

The second skill augments your melee attacks to ignore some of your opponent's damage resistances, with more penetration as this skill levels up.

The third skill gives a skill that allows you to sunder an opponent's defenses, disabling blocking and reducing dodge chance. This consumes 1.25 of a turn. Further levels boost the effectiveness of this skill. At level 4, you gain a size category.

The fourth skill gives you an overhead attack that gets more powerful the larger you are than your target, with more levels boosting the power of this attack.

Shield Care: Modify your shield to cover more of your body, feeding into your choice of lighter armor.

The first skill is a permanent modification to your shields, giving them extra ranged damage resistance and defensive capability. More levels boost the effects.

The second skill modifies your shield to be more robust and take a more offensive role, occasionally allowing your shield to throw a melee attack. This allows shields to spawn with offensive egos. Additional levels boost the chance of a bonus shield bash.

The third skill modifies shields further to feature nails and spikes, turning them into better offensive weapons. This skill adds a percentage of shield defense as bleed damage when a shield attack is performed, either through regular attacking or through skills.

The fourth skill grants you additional defensive capabilities with your shield based on your size category. This includes increasing ranged defense if you have not attacked or used a skill this turn. The bonus increases with every level. At level 4, you gain a size category.

Forceful Positioning: Your sheer size allows you to position yourself and enemies at will.

The first skill allows you to push an enemy back using your shield. This damages the opponent, with an additional damage bonus if the opponent cannot move to the square knocked back. You then get one free movement square. Additional levels boost the damage of the initial move as well as if a foe is knocked into an impassable square.

The second skill allows you to use your shield to attack through an enemy, forcing the both of you to switch places. This cannot be used if you cannot enter the space the enemy is in. Additional levels boost the damage of this attack.

The third skill allows you to attack an adjacent enemy with your shield, taking their space, and moving them to any square adjacent to your new position. In addition, any enemies adjacent to your new position will take damage and will be knocked back. Additional levels boost the damage.

The fourth skill will impale an enemy on your shield, tackling them to the ground, dealing extra damage based on how many sizes larger you are than your opponent. This inflicts a pinned debuff, reducing movement, and allows you to move the opponent one square away. This attack takes 1.5 turns. Additional levels boost the damage of this attack.

Gladiator's Poise: As a veteran of the ring, you know how to play your enemy's mind against them, and to defend yourself likewise.

The first skill grants a passive that reduces your magic and mental saves, but lets 1/2 of your physical save to count towards those saves. Additional levels reduce the penalty to the other saves.

The second skill allows you to intimidate an enemy, reducing their attack and movement speed. While a mental effect, it is affected by physical instead of mental. Additional levels increase the severity of the intimidation.

The third skill allows you to call forth the challenge of the gladiator, preventing an enemy from moving for 5 turns or until they are attacked in melee. Additional levels boost the chance of this working and the duration of the movement prevention.

The fourth skill allows you to declare all spaces withing 2 spaces of you as part of a fighting ring, boosting your damage and reducing your cooldowns while you reside inside. Additional levels reduce cooldown and boost the effects.

Butchery: You are strong enough to rip through enemies, making even a mace swing able to slice through enemies.

The first skill is a powerful attack that causes bleed. Additional levels boost the damage of the bleed.

The second skill is a passive that increases the damage you deal to bleeding targets with your melee attacks. Additional levels boost this passive.

The third skill is a cleave at the legs of a foe. This ordinarily will just knock a foe down, however a bleeding target has a chance to suffer intimidation. This takes 1.25 of a turn. Additional levels increase the chance of intimidation and the power of the attack.

The fourth skill is a cleave aimed at the neck or other such vital parts, aiming to kill the enemy. If the foe is bleeding when this is performed and if the person is reduced to 10% HP or lower, this will kill non-boss characters and restore your health by the enemy's remaining health. This takes 1.25 turns. Additional levels will increase the healing received.

People's Champion: Even in your mind, you lust for the cacophony of a crowd cheering you on, to the point where you can swear you can hear them cheer.

The first skill gives you a sustain that give you a stacking passive buff to damage and accuracy every time you deal or take damage in a turn. It builds slowly per stack, but has a lot of stacks. Stacks are slowly lost over time so long as you don't take or deal damage. Additional levels will slightly boost the gains per stack.

The second skill allows you to consume all stacks of the previous skill in order to perform a strike that will restore your health. Health restored increases with the stacks consumed. This takes 1.50 of a turn. Damage dealt increases with level.

The third skill allows you to consume all stacks of the first skill in order to demoralize opponents as you strike, causing a radius 3 wave of fear, which can force enemies to flee. Enemies that resist the fear are instead brainlocked for a turn. The more stacks consumed, the stronger the fear is. This takes 1.25 of a turn. Additional levels boost the damage of the strike.

The fourth skill allows you to spend a turn to charge stacks faster. More levels increase the amount of stacks gained when doing this.

Custom Weapon set for the class


2 handed Sword

Crafted by a master

A blade this vicious must be wielded by someone equally imposing.

High attack. Attacks have a high chance at inflicting bleeding. Bleeding is noticeably stronger. Bleed damage caused now restores your health by a small amount. Blade is also notably heavier than normal blades of tier 4.

This stralite blade, despite its length, is razor sharp, and comes to a sinister hooked end. When picking it up, you can tell this weapon was built for one thing only, to cause as much bleeding a sword can possibly cause in a single swing.

Samnite's Thracian


Crafted by a master

This helm is terrifying to behold. A sword of equal stature must exist.

Reduces sight radius by 1. Grants you increased physical save. 1 skill point in People's Champion. Can spawn with an additional ego.

A full face helm with terrifying designs etched into it. Depictions include horrifyingly accurate representations of demons, depraved acts of violence in the arena, and the savagery of nature. Putting it on, your vision darkens, however you feel like your gaze could scare even the most stalwart soldier.

Set Bonus 1 skill point in Butchery. Grants an additional size category.

I neither have the time nor the talents to code this, so I'm posting this as an open idea to start a mod class on. If anyone's interested, all I ask is that I get some credit. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take on this project.

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