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PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 3:48 am 
Low Yeek

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Hello Fellow Minions!

I have been working on a concept and some skills for a class that I think would be fun! Now, I do not know how to write code for ToME, nor do I have the time to learn right now (full time school and work). What I do have is ideas and money, though not a lot of either... ^^; Anyroad, I thought I'd post my idea and hopefully get someone interested, if not for the idea then possibly for a commission. Even though I have been thinking stuff up for this for almost a year, it is still rough draft ideas and is not complete. Here goes:

: Thermodynamist; or Matter Weaver; or Matter Mage

Concept: Chronomancers that manipulate matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma, BECs). The main idea is they "stance dance" into different "Forms" of matter and each "Form" adds new effects to spells in other categories. The Forms only last for a short while and cannot overlap with other Forms, unless through special circumstances. This is the main thing I really want this class to have. Stance dancing, while adding effects to certain skills depending on the stance. Anything else is just for fun or to fit the theme.

Skills: Although it is messy and incomplete, here is the skills list I came up with so far:

Transition Forms- All forms have a CD of 25, are Instant, and set CD of other forms that are less than 5 turns to 5 turns. The Forms last for 5 turns (ideally, Forms cannot overlap, unless with Triple Critical, or Thermo-dielectric Effect)
Solid Form- Gain X All resistance. Push out X homing boulders each turn
Liquid Form- Tune resource each turn. Fire X Pressurized Beams each turn.
Gas Form- Gain resistance to Negative effects. A Vaporize cloud appears around you that has X range while in Gas Form.
Plasma Form- Gain Global Speed. Shoot X Ionize bolts each turn.

Solidify- Create wall(s). Creatures caught in AoE may be petrified, if in Solid Form.
Freeze- DoT cold damage and each turn, small chance to Frozen Feet target. If in Liquid form, chance to inflict Frozen instead and lowers Freeze resistance.
Deposition- Teleport to target area. If in Gas Form, deal Temporal damage and push back enemies near start and end of teleport.
Homing Boulder- Create and push and slow moving boulder toward the target. The boulder will travel through targets that are in the way and does Physical damage. Targets struck will be slowed.

Liquify-If target suffers from any of Melt, Freeze, and/or Vaporize, target takes X% damage of each, at once, and DoTs are removed. If in Liquid Form, DOTs are not removed and target becomes Wet.
Condensation- AoE Cold Damage and targets become Wet. If in Gas Form,
Melt- DoT of Fire damage. If in Solid Form, target’s All Resist is lowered.
Pressurized Beam- Fires a beam of liquid that does Ice damage and does knockback.

Atmos- Passive: Damage you take is reduced by X. At Lv 5: Gaseous Form allows you to pass through walls and enemies have trouble detecting you (Stealth). ACTIVE: Create an AoE Vaporize cloud.
Vaporize- DoT of acid damage. If in Liquid Form, target drops gaseous areas adjacent to them, each turn. The gas clouds enemies cannot see through, silence, and deal Temporal damage.
Sublimate- For X turns, enemies attempt to hit you in melee will teleport away. If in Solid Form you gain X chance to Evade for duration of buff.
Recombination- The next Active skill used will not go on cool down. If in Plasma Form, up to X Active skills will instantly come off cool down. (Has long cooldown but gets shorter with levels)

Ionize- Chain Lightning. If in Gas Form,
Electromagnetic Field- Create a field that does Lightning damage and Pulls targets toward center for X turns. If in Plasma Form, targets reaching center take Temporal damage and are pushed to the edge of the field.
Magnetosphere- Gain Shield that reflects X% damage taken. If in Plasma Form, X% of damage dealt to Shield will restore your health.
Polar Wind – PASSIVE: Gain X% movement speed. ACTIVE: Increase speed boost by X% for X turns, any action other than movement will end the speed boost. At Lv 5, Plasma Form deals Temporal damage to targets you move past.

Antimatter- Each of these skills has a chance to create an anomaly.
Annihilation- Must target enemy. You lose X negative effect for each positive effect enemy has and they lose that many positive effects. Each effect lost on enemy will deal X damage. Each effect lost on you will heal X health.
Fission- Clone yourself for X turns.
Gamma Ray- Echoes of the Past in a cone. If targets are below X% health they have a chance to be instantly slain. Destroys diggable terrain in cone.
Radiation- You lose all Form buffs you have assumed at time of Radiations activation. For each Form buff you were under at time of activation, you send out a wave of Temporal damage that has X range. For each wave, enemies have a random chance to gain any of the following effects: Corroded, Crippled, Maimed, Spell Disruption, and/or Stunned.

Phase Shift
Critical Point- You gain -X minimum health for X turns. When effect ends, you are healed by the amount of health you are below 0.
Triple Point- Gain effects of Solid, Liquid and Gas Forms simultaneously for 5 turns.
Thermo-dielectric effect- PASSIVE: Whenever you change Forms, X Form skills CD are reduced by X turns.
Supercritical- Each Form grants certain benefits:
Solid Form: +X Physical save and X armor with X hardiness.
Liquid Form: +X Mind save and X resistance to negative effects.
Gas Form: +X Spell Save and X defense.
Plasma Form: If struck in combat, you gain X% movement speed for 2 turns.

Joule- Whenever you change Forms you gain 1 Joule, stacking up to 5 times. Each stack gives you X Spell, Mind, and Physical power.
Volume- You consume 1 Joule and heal X health and reduce negative effects by X turns.
Pressure- Consume 3 Joules. Create an X area that lowers enemy movement by X% for 5 turns. When area ends, it implodes and does X Temporal damage and pulls enemies to the center.
Heat- Consume all Joules. For each Joule gain 25% of a turn. For each Joule 2 enemies in 10 range lose X% of a turn.

Superconductivity- Passive: Projectiles hitting you have a % chance to reflect back to their point of origin. ACTIVE: For X turns projectiles flying toward you move X% slower and, if hit, have a 100% chance to reflect.
Superfluidity- PASSIVE: When enemies are force moved within 10 range, tune resource. ACTIVE: Tidal Wave that does temporal damage.
Wave Interference- Enemies in X nova will have skills disrupted for X turns.
0.01 Kelvin-

Time Crystal- Create a Time Crystal in target open space for X turns. The Time Crystal copies whatever Form skills you use at X level.
Lattice- Abilities projected by you or your Crystal do not harm one another. Instead, if either you or your Crystal’s abilities move through one another the damage is increased by % to enemies.
Liquid Crystal- Time Crystal can maintain more Forms even after you shift.
Dissolution- Radiation at X level for Time Crystal and it is destroyed.

Conclusion- So that is basically my idea! I know the skills and stuff might not make a lot of sense, but if anyone is interested in helping me with this, send me a message! We can chat more and work together to make this a reality! Thank you for taking your time to read a n00bs ideas! :D

PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 6:04 pm 

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I wish you the best of luck, i know a lot of the people who make addons are pretty busy with their own work.
You can also check the discord if you want to inquire there about getting help learning how to make your own addon

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