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Greetings from China.

My English isn't very good.

Normal Difficulty Higher Ice Alchemist is easy

In the beginning, get
Channel Staff 3
Staff Mastery 1
Reach lvl3 with EXP almost full and go Arena you shall have them.

= Racial Talents=
2 or 3 points on Wrath of the Highborn is very useful when you need extra damage insta-kill dangerous foes
5 points on Overseer of Nations is key life essential. Spot the enemy afar, bomb them and fallback
Max out Born Into Magic Later
Highborn's Bloom is useless.


Do use high tier alchemist gems in most situations.
Money is often a useless thing in early game.


Avoid being inside the enemy range, if you do, get out quickly

3 Main talent to learn quickly: 1 on each Gem Portal/ Golem Portal/ Flash Freeze
Arcane Eye: Essential, better at level 2.

I branch to Frost Alchemy for 2 talents

Flash Freeze 2 uses:
1. instant-kill most enemy with Flash Freeze and Bomb combination
2. pin enemy without using a turn and get away with gem portal

Ice Core:
Damage Boost& Physical Resistance

Note: some vaults' wall don't allow gem portal beware while inside

This time, I branch to Celestial through escort.

Warrior Escort would be great as well.

Died once, stuck into sands with the following golem blocked.

=Offensive =
Maxed Bomb, Expert, then shall get bomb protection up. Without it, the golem would die too fast.

In early game, Use Artifact Talent frequently, or you can give them to your golem to use.

Equip your golem with high regen gears. You can let it charge and wait till its health low, refit, Invoke Golem and hide to regen.

Stay out of enemy LOS.

Icy Attack is preferred, though you have frost cover sometimes, its attack convert 50% to cold damage anyway.
Get a Shield for golem is also good, as your golem could be a mage doing AoE damage in the early game.

Default Runes
2 Shielding
1 Biting Gale

= Equipment =
My Bombing Alchemist need speed, get at least one 25% on movement from boots, better 2 or more gear gives you speed to kite

You can intentionally let the golem being lag behind a bit.

Doing above this build shall beat Master at lvl 22, survive the Lvl 50 Orc Ambush after that.

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