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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:28 am 

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Pretty much since the invention of the Cursed class and their outlandish combat abilities during rampage, it has been my goal to squeeze as much
damage as possible into every game turn. Tanus the Shalore Shadowblade is my most recent ode to DPS.

I got the idea to build a shadowblade around their speed talents from an earlier post from someone trying to do the same thing in 20b. I checked
out his build, saw a few things that I would do different and set out. To really understand the power of this build you need to understand how attack
speed stacks with global speed. Normally a character gets, say, 100 energy per game turn and each attack uses 100 energy. Attack speed reduces
the energy used by each attack, global speed increases the energy you get per turn. Stacking all sorts of bonuses together I was able to maintain
over seven times normal attack speed for most of the fight. Combine that with daggers that do 300 normal and around 800 crit each (stralite too,
I never found quick voratuns of ruin) and a nearly 70% crit rate (precise strikes would push it to 100% but it interacted oddly with attack speed.
Kept making me attack faster for some reason so I kept it off to be more legit.) and I could put out more damage than an entire orc pride. I didn't
bother to close any portals because the fight was over before anything spawned. I didn't bother with blind resistance because Elandar got to act 3
times. By the time they both fell over, I had taken maybe 1000 damage and aeyrn had lost 3% of her health. This is the most outlandishly powerful
endgame character I've ever used.

HOWEVER, up until about level 35 I was flimsy. I was a fighter without armor. A rogue without traps or stealth. I didn't want to waste points in magic
since my blue bar existed only to sustain essence of speed so I was forced to wait until I could collect enough +mag gear to put points into it. Speed
runes are few and far between in the early game so you can't rely on them to get you through every encounter and my HP pool was never what you
would call epic. Bosses were never a problem since I could just blow all of my cooldowns and have 10 turns of godmode, but casters and archers could
tear me apart. I had 2 deaths in the vor armoury trying to kill level 92 GMHWs at level 29 :lol: , but aside from that, I managed to stay standing.

If anyone wants to try this build I would make the following suggestions.

-spend your first category point on a rune slot. I had 2 regens and 2 shields until I went to High Peak. I used them often. Don't forget that shields don't
require a turn to activate.

-Rush is your friend. You probably won't have very high resists (I think I had 20% all res from con and a Limmir ring for the last fight) so you will need
to kill casters before they hit you because they will hit HARD.

-bring nimble armor and boots of speed with you when you go to the far east. Orc ambushes will murder you up until about level 40.

-When fighting a group, make sure you use flurry on the one with the most HPs and the least physical resistance. This build is about damage and theres
nothing more satisfying than watching (3265) float away from where an elite orc berserker was just standing.

Have fun and heres the dump. ... 1cc000edf0

darkgod wrote:

PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:17 pm 
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Well done :)

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:33 pm 

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Wow, you actually did what I've failed to do! I never got to your level of damage. Mine was ~150 and without quick weapon bonus...

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