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PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 6:37 am 

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This may be a known bug, but it's an incredibly frustrating way to end a run.

1. If you get pulled into your own ranged weapons projectile and die, the projectile remains in the exact spot, it's not removed from the game like one that hits a monster and immediately disappears.

2. So if you come back from the Eidolon (in some zones you don't get a chance to be sent back elsewhere on the level, such as Slumbering Caves) the projectile instantly hits you again upon returning, often times 1-shotting you. One way to potentially survive is with Heroism infusion.

3. If you return to life with the Blood of Life (and also, I'm assuming the Ring of the Dead) you get the illusion of getting to do something, but the moment you try to use any skill that takes a turn or move, the projectile which killed you previously is on the same tile as you and kills you again. I used a teleport skill immediately on return with blood of life and still died to my own shot. Again. The teleport did not activate first in order of operations I guess.

Aside from feeling extremely unfair, it seems to be a broken mechanic. Could it be fixed with a change in the order of operations, the projectile moving before the instant pull takes place? I shoot on my turn, sher-tan does call of amakthel, and my 800 speed projectile has only moved 1 space and I'm pulled right into it? bullshit. And getting the projectile removed from the game after it kills you.

Paradox Mage and Alchemist and Archmage have skills that reduce or completely negate self damage from their own skills. Would be great to have something like this for Gunslinger & Psyshot. It gets tedious looking through every enemys skill sheet to see if they have a pull ability.

The games numbers aren't scaled to fight yourself. They are scaled to fight monsters with thousands or even tens of thousands of HPs so of course you stack enormous amounts of damage and damage penetration and crit and crit multiplier. Meanwhile a level 50 Psyshot or Gunslinger has slightly over 1,000 HP, 1,500 at most. At that point in the game, a single auto attack crit does more than that. Nevermind a vital shot. My Psyshot at level 50 had 1,250 hps and 500 character sheet damage. Having dozens of regular enemies (and rares) who can pull you into your own shot for an instant kill is a terrible gameplay mechanism.

Please please please fix this. I don't mind dying. I don't mind dying to my own stupidity. I do very much mind dying to a broken game mechanic that should never exist in the game in the first place.

"You could skip it, i think it drops 0 xp and 1 copper [at most], you are better off selling oxygen to beggars to become rich."

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