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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:07 pm 

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I want to TK-wield more stuff, since brandishing things with your brain is awesome.

- Shields are an obvious choice, you get the equip stats of the shield as well as a % chance to block incoming damage a certain number of times per turn, a la Dual Weapon Mastery's parry. Frenzied Focus lets it block more things per turn, raises the block chance to 100%, and applies Riposte.

- I dunno what could happen for tools beyond being able to wear/use two at once. Frenzied Focus can maybe make you activate the tool without putting it on cooldown? Could be pretty OP for some certain artifacts, and hilariously awesome for others. Really though, the ability to wear and use two tools at once is enough to make me seriously consider doing so if I didn't already have something great in the TK slot.

- Gloves! They make unarmed attacks like swords do!

- I also think that having something special for having NOTHING in the TK slot would be thematically appropriate as well. Either make Beyond the Flesh passively attack things around you for low damage while there's nothing in the slot, maybe even inflicting grapples ("Your telekinetic forces lash out unconsciously for something to seize!") or have your telekinetic forces focus inside instead of outside, giving passive character buffs while there is no item in the TK slot.

Let slip the toast of war.

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