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 Post subject: Race/Class Ideas
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1. Magical Hybrids

They are created by arcane magic, having ancestry of different races. They are either from unions of cross-race couples, or a result of experiments.

They are not natural beings, and cannot reproduce naturally. (Can use inscriptions and can choose wilder classes, but hunted by Zigur and other anti-magic factions and cannot be anti-magic)

darkgod wrote:
About halfbreeds; Tolak is the exception; nobody knows how it was possible to conceive him. No other halfbreed between any races has ever been seen.
Not even between the 3 elven races

Game Mechanics -

The ancestry of a magical hybrid character is chosen by birth, where only 2 "significant" ancestries can be chosen. (Mostly Human, Orc, 3 elves (Thalore, Shalore and Naga), halflings - undead cannot be chosen, since undead have their own races before dying - it's possible to create a magical hybrid of a undead parent, though)

The magical hybrid have their own set of talent trees, but their other stats - exp penalty, life rating, oxygen capacity are averaged or weighted by the value of their ancestors.

Campaign wise, many factions dislike those magical hybrids, but they have their own questlines.

2. "Smart" Yeti

Unlike Kruk Yeti, those yetis are enlightened by gods/advanced civilizations.

They hated Kruk Yetis and sympathize for primitive Yetis.

They have bonus on cold damage and resistance.

Their exp penalty is slightly lower than that of kruk yetis, since their mind and body are compatible.

3. "Alien" Humans

Those humans are not native to the planet of Eyal, and came from alternate universe/exoplanets.

However they look just the same as other humans (and can naturally reproduce with them), weird.

They have greater exp penalty than highers, having life ratings like Shalore. They are master of Steam tech, unknown forces and their own techs. As they are excel at studying, they gain more class/generic/category/prodigy points at certian levels (or level cap higher in campaigns). They are weak to elements and tend to be fatigue more easily.

The difference of them and native Eyals are not only culturally - they have evolved in a different world, probably working in cubics and use finger to touch interactive books.

(Campaign wise) They are neutral to many factions. Though they are weak to magic, they admire arcane users and normally not anti-magic.


1. Rangers (Wilders)

The rangers shoots, use a bit of natural powers and have animal companions.

They have abilities to add bonus to archery from willpower. (Namely a tree called "Zen archery" or such, inspired by DND games)

The animal companions are normally immobile (like honey tree), vermin and animals. Having dragon companions require additional class points. They can have up to 2 same "copies" of companions (needed to be caught somewhere else - also the 2 can be 2 snakes of different colors and sexes). The "pet" mechanic is somewhat like possessor, but you can't kill your companions (instead you release it). The companion usually flee from battle if severely wounded, but it can be died from a killing blow - and you will suffer a mental "heartbroken" debuff.

The most important stats of ranger are willpower and dexterity. But there are also some optional cunning based tree (may be locked) like trapping and poison.

2. Sniper (Rogue)

snipers are the archer/gunslinger who has sneaky ablities. They can use slings/bows/guns and crossbows (added).

There are Lethality, Poisons, Stealth and Tactical as available cunning talent trees, but no more.

3. Arcane Archers (Mage)

Unlike arcane blade which is a warrior class, arcane archers are actually mages who became interested in weapons but lack strengths.

They have limited archery talent trees, but having Spell/Enhancement (tweaked to have them effective to ranged weapons), Meta and many unique trees. Divination and teleport trees are also available as generics.

4. Elementalists (Mage)

Elementalists are mages who are devoted to one or two types of elements (no arcane and ether), including fire (fire and wildfire), cold (water and ice), lightning (air and storm), physical (earth and stone) and possibly even nature! (acid and poison)

The class will let wildfire and ice temporary usable for elementalists.

There are one unique talent tree will let them focus on at most 2 elements. If more than that, there is a penalty.

There are also trees which let them pierce resistances, and let themselves healed by their focused element.

5. Caster/Scholar (Adventurer)

They are simply adventurer which focus more on magic/will/cunning based trees. Managing a lot of resources are vital to them.

Having a new resource management tree, also increased spell/wildgift and other category's mastery and decrease the "warrior" masteries.

And their learning of the spellcasting talents are limited by their initial choice too - if learned some necromancer abilities, available wildgift and celestial trees are decreased.

(I have thinked that Seer and Loremaster of the escortees can become some kind of adventurers - but it seems that they are non-combat classes - Loremaster won't cast spells and seer doesn't have many combat abilities.)

6. Archaeologists/Item Master (Adventurer)

Archaeologists start with cunning/survival and several ego-ed items. They cannot really master many talent trees at the start of the game - what they need is to find talents from the items they discover.

Starting with this class may seems using a "frail mouse" again, but as they find more items (infused with talents) and more egos (must own them), talent trees will start to appear.

(This class might be very poor at arenas - to prevent this, more items can be given)

They also have a "item using" cunning based tree, which make them using talents from items (attachment included) more effectively, switch them quickly, boost from egos, and extend their resource pools further by the "powered/infused" of the equipment.

They also have bonus using lanterns, digging tools and other "misc" items.

Aside from cunning, their most important stats depend on their own play style.

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