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PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:12 pm 

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OK, so I took quite a bit of time off of ToME, at least a year i believe. I love so much of what's happened recently, especially class reworks, the new archer stuff is way more fun to play.

I was hopeful and excited to try the necro, hoping that I'd see something better than it was. Necro is one of my favorite classes in just about anything. Absolutely nothing had changed from the last time I played. Now, that's ok, but I can see people discussing what changes are needed, and I figured I'd throw out my thought, as I hadn't seen it.

I see the people talking about how souls are a non renewable resource, and thematically that's the way they should stay, and to a point I agree. However, for most base undead, thematically speaking (in game, it would be those created with minions and the like), if you really stop to think about it, they don't have souls exactly, more... animating force.

For more complex raises (husks mostly) they may have a soul.

Here's my proposal, and keep in mind I don't know anything about balance or the inner workings of the game.

Make Necros a dual mana/vim class... Now, hear me out. Vim fits for vital force, enough to raise mindless or nearly mindless undead. Many of the existing defiler talents fit thematically, and necro would play way different than all the current vim based classes. create minions and several of the other spells can either go both mana and vim, or straight vim, and thematically it would work.

Husks and the like should be re-summonable within reason, and have a mechanic for reanimating that maybe looks somewhat like possessors? They also may fit better as a type of shadow or wraith, soul without body.

lichform... rather than giving a seperate tree, some form of passive or on hit vim regen (of course requiring living beings around or to hit) would be the most likely option. I could see it granting a blighted summoning like boost to existing summons as well, or a retch ability or the like. If you do like an additional tree, maybe the plague tree? there's a lot of milage to be had in it. I could see it as a generic though... torment maybe???

I don't have all the specifics thought out, but if people that know enough about the game want to debate, you get the general idea I'm sure

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:51 pm 

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Myself I'd rather see another soul-based class, even if it's Razakai's DK balanced for mainline.

Also it's untrue that nothing has changed for necros, 1.5 had:
Necromancer's Dark Empathy now helps minions not kill each other
Level 3 and up of Aura Mastery has a 25% chance to return souls from minions on death if they're inside the aura
Animus Hoarder is passive to reduce mana and soul strains early
Chill of the Tomb has a 100% chance to create a wisp if it kills a friendly necrotic minion while Will o' the Wisp is sustained for synergy
Lowered overall mana costs and cooldowns on Necromancer's non-locked trees slightly to prevent as many dead turns

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