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PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:59 pm 
Sher'Tul Godslayer

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Bit of idle thinkin', not particularly serious. Just to be upfront, unless someone else likes it and feels like coding, will probably never come to be -- coding gives me very literal headaches and I'm pants at it to boot. Kinda' like it, posting mostly just in case I lose and/or forget it.

Basic idea should be, um. Pretty obvious? It's your generic animated weapon, except one is boring so we go whole hog. NPCs would probably be fooband death swords on crack. Also any reference to X below is the number of equipped items, less ammo and anything psi-wielded. Anyway...

Racial Characteristics:
All equipment slots except ammo replaced with weapon slots.
Attacks with all equipped weapons, as per duel wielding.
The offhand penalty instead (also?) effects accuracy, and stacks for all weapons past the second.
Can one-hand anything, with the standard penalty applying strictly to that weapon.

No breath, bleed, poison, disease, silence, etc.; golem resistances, probably. There's nothing organic in this mess except what gibs get stuck to it.
Disarm instead removes 1/X portion of a turn if successful.
Can't use infusions (no fleshy bits).*
Low base HP.
Acid and lightning weaknesses.
1.5%*X XP penalty.
Psiblade (and whatever else works like that) benefits divided among all equipped items.

* Possibly organic artifacts and/or egos that allow infusion use at n/X power, where n is the amount of organics equipped.

Racial Tree:
Sustain, normal CD. While active, can't move and getting moved cancels, passively attacks 1/1/2/2/3 times modified by movement speed at range 1/1/2/2/3 per turn. Not effected by global or attack speed, temporarily reduces every resource's maximum (including HP) by 2% per turn, increases equilibrium/paradox baseline by X per turn.

Stronger than Steel
Passive. Grants HP and armor hardiness based on amount and tier of equipped items. The armor hardiness is lost while Steelstorm or Many Blades from One is active. Scales with con.

Trick of the Wrist
Passive. Gives 2%/tlvl chance for talent use (including attack/shoot/etc.) to trigger a free attack on a random enemy within steelstorm range. Chooses 1/1/1/1/2 random equipped weapons to make the attack(s).

Many Blades from One
Active. Prevents movement and action (including tool use, instant effects, etc.) of your main body for 5 turns, granting tlvl% evasion per every ally in steelstorm range and a tlvl*2% per ally chance each turn to reset the targeting of anything locked on to the player. Cannot be dispelled or disrupted, but grants anything controlled a talent that cancels the effect.

For duration, every equipped weapon is individually animated and can be controlled at will, inheriting 1/X your (non-equipment) stats, 1/X your talents, chosen at random, and your speeds multiplied by the talent's level. For any weapon killed during this period, inflict 1/X your max HP on effect end, bringing you no lower than 5/tlvl% health and inflicting a number of successful disarm checks equal to twice the amount killed.

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