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 Post subject: Necro Generic ideas
PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:12 pm 

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I like to think of the Necromancer as being a class oriented around trade-offs for power. As such, here are my new ideas, derived from older ones:

Necromancy (Generic):

This is a category built around PERMANENT tradeoffs. All of the skills have a permanent price:

1. Become Death

This skill is what creates your necrotic aura and allows you to gain souls as a resource. Without it, you'd just be a mana-class.

First level costs 10 life and 10 mana permanently. Each subsequent level costs 5 additional, i.e. 15, 20, 25, 30, and so on.

Level one grants necrotic aura and souls and produces the "necrosis effect."

Each level thereafter grants +1 to Necrosis effect which causes all living creatures within your aura lose 2.5% of their effective spellpower, physical power, mindpower, saves, and heal mod just by being in your aura. No save against.

All undead creatures within your aura are immune to said effects.

2. Blurred Mortality

First level costs 10 mana, and each level costs and additional 2, i.e. 12, 14, 16, 18.

The first level grants negative life as a PASSIVE skill.

Each subsequent level grants more negative life, and causes "10-45" percent of gained life (from levels, constitution, or even equipment) to be gained as negative life.

3. Dark Vision

Grants ability to see what your minions see, at the cost of -1 to max right range, 20 mana, and 20 life for the first level.

Each subsequent level costs -1 max sight range but gains:

Increased vision range from minions at level 2
Ability to detect invisibility and stealth at level 3
Blindness immunity at level 5
Telepathy undead at level 6

4. Lichform... unchanged.

Bonus Generic to replace Conveyance, if you activate "Become Death:"


1. Phase Soul

Use: Activated
Range: 4-10+ with active talent level but reduced by half when below zero life.
Cost: 1/2 souls
Use Speed: 1 turn
Cool-down: 8/2

This is a perfect, intermediate teleport, albeit an expensive one. It works outside of line of sight with 0% fail.

Range increases per active talent level. This teleport cannot be "targeted" on enemies, escorts, etc. Range scales with active talent level.

In addition:

If you're at or below 0 life (either with equipment, Blurred Mortality, or Heroism infusion, etc.), then this teleport's cool-down is reduced to 2 although the cost doubles and the range is reduced by half.

2. Specter

Use: Activated
Range: N/A
Cost: 3 souls
Use Speed: 1 turn
Cool-down: 30

Reduces heal mod to 0% and movement speed by 50% but grants "incorporeal" status.

In this state you can move through walls, gain 15-45% resist all, increase resistance caps 3-15%, and a flat damage reduction of 6-30 for 6 turns.

3. Whispered Warning

Use: Sustain
Range: N/A
Cost: 4 souls
Use Speed: 1 turn
Cool-down: 40

This sustain hides away 10-25% of your mana pool such that if you're mana clashed (or just run out) then this sustain shuts down and instantly recovers the listed amount of mana PREVENTING all of your other sustains from being shut down.

Additionally, while this sustain is active, you're given "warnings" of incoming attacks, thus granting 15-35% chance to avoid attacks entirely.

4. Soulless

Use: Activated
Range: Necrotic aura
Cost: 2 souls
Use Speed: 1 turn
Cool-down: 15

This skill lets you drain an enemy of enough of their soul for them to become "as if" undead, i.e. now classified as undead. If they had infusions then they can no longer use them.

Additionally, if the effect holds then the enemy also suffers from "confusion" and global speed reduction for 5 turns, due to the trauma.

For every % below max life of the enemy, you gain an equal % bonus to spellpower solely for the purpose of overcoming their saves, i.e. if the enemy is missing 10% of its life, then you gain 10% to spellpower.

Of course, this would require a shift in the class talents... anyway, thoughts?

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:47 pm 

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Delmuir wrote:
3. Whispered Warning

Everything else is cool too, but this is amazing and I need this in my life.

Let slip the toast of war.

 Post subject: Re: Necro Generic ideas
PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:40 pm 

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The thing is there are lots of Generic points Necro don't know how to spend. (In infinite and arena)

The class is already too strong with all the class talents. Maybe what is needed is add some regular locked generic categories.

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