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TECHNICALLY one doesn't have to beat the Outpost to beat the Embers of Rage. It's very hard, especially since there aren't randomly spawning mobs to level up on like one can do in order to get the Never There And Back achievement using a Sun Paladin or Anorthil.

I managed it on an easier difficulty. Slightly disappointed the Lore one picks up still mentions destroying the outpost, freeing the Internment Camp, destroying the Sunwall. (Maybe a different orc did it?)

It would be a ridiculous amount of coding; and possibly achievements, but it would be interesting if some nods were made to this.

Peaceful possibilities:

Without the Steam Giants; that one officer below Outpost Leader John no longer has leverage to make a deal with them to destroy the tribe. It's possible a strong Kruk tribe could make a peace settlement with John as the starter. We find out more just what the heck Mindwall was. (A mindslayer Halfling manifested by 4 brains in a jar? There's gotta be more story there.)

Genocide possibilities:

The Kruk tribe growing in strength frightens the wrong people in the Sunwall; they outright exterminate the orcs in the Internment Camp. One can direct the DESTRUCTICUS Missile to target the Sunwall instead.

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If it's going to be anything like the old one, it's most definitely not worth doing, unless people enjoy achievements that can only be gotten on normal or lower, and I think we have enough as it is :)

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