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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:44 pm 
Low Yeek

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There are some interesting patches on this site that I would like to implement, particularly the automatizor and macro patches. I have no idea how to implement them. I've copied and pasted the files into a text file that I ended in .diff and added to the patches folder in the lib area with no effect.

I'm guessing that I'll have to rebuild under my OS, which I also don't know how to do.

Can anyone point me to a web page with info on this or give me some step by step instructions?

I'm currently running ToME 2.3.8 (from Git) under Windows 7. I also have access to ToME 2.3.5 and Mac OS X.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:58 pm 

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Some of those were already implemented in ToME 2.3.x-AH. Here's the list:
4e2409780f3401a292877c0fcbbef046ef09803e Killerbunnies: Fix dodge messages.
c4f2e466bca7b30d2798237367ab0538456cf85a Killerbunnies: Add companions to character dump.
1fd2d77a2e7c7faf13f8c226f43d07292737f215 Import Killerbunnies patch: Trying to activate Piercing Shots now displays a message if the player is too low-level.
be3a6e4cab9e0458ac2bb16c9521269a14fa7e3f Import Killerbunnies patch: Add a "you do not you all your fate" text to Fates menu if there are fates you haven't discovered yet.
e809d2fe548a0dad3c005fd3c7805446cefd138d Import Killerbunnies patch: Two new automatizer rules types <inventory> and /equipment> for checking whether an object is in your inventory (equipment respectively).

(This is just a grep from the change log so I may have missed one or two if I forgot to mention killerbunnies in the commit message.)

The rest weren't imported, either because I was too lazy, didn't think they were important or because they were too hackish (even by ToME standards :) ).

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:21 pm 

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AH beat me to it...



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